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The Excitement of Moving Into a New Home

There are many exciting things that one can experience in their lives. One of those things is moving into a new home. If you have ever experienced anything like that, you know exactly how it feels to be able to move into a new property, especially if this is your first home ever.

There are many homes out there being built as we speak. Since the number of people in the country is on the rise, it is no wonder then that many families look for a place where they could live comfortable lives.

There are many benefits of buying new homes such as New homes for sale in Charleston compared to pre-owned houses. If you buy a house in Shepard Park or Pine Hill that has been just built, you know that everything in it is new and does not require any repairs. You can expect to be repair-free for as long as 10-20 years until things start getting worse. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a house in which somebody lives before, you risk coming across many things that might need your immediate attention, some of which you had absolutely no idea about.

When buying a new house, it is usually a good idea to compare various houses and house plans. Since buying a house can be one of the biggest expenses of your life, you might want to dedicate a substantial amount of time into making sure that you choose something you are going to like. Moving into a new home should be exciting, but if you end up buying a house you don’t like you might want to try to sell it as soon as you move into it for a number of reasons. Doing so might not be a good idea as you send a message to your potential buyers that something might be wrong with the house.

Unravel the Modern Wood Processing Techniques with all natural Oil

Wood has long been a source of versatile material from home accessories to massive construction material. With the rise of green concern, wood processing is getting more environmentally than ever.

The recent episode from X:enius, an informative science and technology magazine by the German-French cultural public channel ARTE, has recently interviewed an innovative green company that uses an all bio, and no chemical method to modify wood – an organic, natural treatment with oil.

With the pursuit of discovering the true potential and longevity of wood, a Canadian company, Qijuk( has a truly natural, in a sense, traditional, yet modern way of processing the wood – literally deep fried the wood in an industrial scale with edible oil. The oil that is used to treat the wood is edible, and even FDA approved, so it is 100% health and chemical free. This patented solution, OHT (oil heated treatment) enhances its functional credibility immensely, thus giving birth to a wide range of futuristic applications.

As seen from the interview located in the OHT facility in Germany, the wood is processed in a sophisticated gigantic ‘deep fryer’ in a highly controlled and precise manner, result in a high quality naturally processed wood.

OHT is a unique processing chore in wood modification which enhances the quality of wood. Invented by the German scientist, Prof Dr. A. Rapp and Prof. Dr. M. Sailer in Hamburg, it successfully imparts enhanced durability, stability and acoustic character to the treated wood. It also imbibes an optimized insect repellent character to the treated wood, all achieved by using oil that we literally available in our kitchen. This natural aids – oil, facilitates the process of enhancing wood quality, in a hazard free process.

The interview is indeed a delight for all those who like to stay synced with advancing but green technologies. Modern green technology doesn’t need to come with chemical modification, we often neglect the power of nature, which is so powerful and is available, just around us.

Check out the interview by follow this link:


Property Development Loans

By nature, successful property developers are almost always good planners and this skill is one that should be put to use when securing the best property development finance.

Before the type of property loan is decided, the development itself needs to be considered. The question you need to task yourself is: How big is the property development project?

How extensive is the property development project?

The size of the project can often be categorised as either refurbishment or development. Refurbishments usually just deal with the aesthetics of a property rather than any structural work.

Development projects on the other hand can involve moving walls or installing plumbing or electrics. Development can also include partial demolition or rebuilding parts of the property; including extensions, external wall or complete redevelopment of a single home to a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) suitable for renting.

The size of the project will give you a good indication of the price and duration of the work. You should take into account both the best and worst case scenarios before deciding the best route to acquire the appropriate finance option.

Development loans

Since the European debt crisis of 2012, high street lenders are less likely to lend and when they do, it can take weeks for the loan to be underwritten. The ability to obtain a loan will largely depend upon your financial status and the ability to provide a 25% deposit.

As a result of these market changes, developers may have to find alternative funding options that have been developed for purpose:

  • First charge bridging loans are short-term loans that can be arranged extremely quickly. Usually funding can be sourced within just a few days, making this an ideal solution for those purchasing properties at auction. Bridging finance can be underwritten against the property and other collateral; or for experienced developers, against other properties that they own.
  • Second charge bridging loans can be used to increase the developer’s cash flow. This enables developers to buy a second property before they’ve sold the first or complete a stalled project.
  • Joint venture investors are available when other financing options are unavailable. Property training experts like Glenn Armstrong ( can introduce you to like-minded developers with capital to invest. The great thing about JV investors is that many of them can act as mentors for new developers.

When borrowing, you should be aware that property development finance will have higher interest rates in comparison to standard mortgages. However, standard mortgages have early exit penalties which often make bridging loans and joint ventures preferred options for developers.


Some basic ways to get it right with real estate marketing in Nigeria

Marketing real estate in Nigeria is a very difficult because Nigeria is a very difficult market for agents.

There are a of factors limiting agents effectiveness in generating leads and closing deals which are lack of trust and lack of access to mortgage facility.

Despite the hurdles involved in generating leads in Nigeri, a few agents are killing it and making killer sales on a monthly basis.

Having worked as a real estate agent in Nigeria and helped create the biggest real estate online brokerage in Nigeria, here are 5 marketing strategies to implement in your marketing in Nigeria to make it effective.

  1. Never ignore word of mouth

Word of mouth is still the most effective way to market real estate properties in Nigeria. Let whoever you meet know what you are doing.

Don’t be shy in blowing up your trumpet to whoever that cares to know.

  1. Strive to become a listing agent.

Listing agents has far better advantage over buyer agents

  1. Put 80% of efforts in marketing low cost properties

Marketing high end real estate properties in Nigeria is one of the greatest set back most new agents face in Nigeria.

Though when they finally learn their mistakes, it is usually too late to make amends because lots of money have been invested in prsuing a deal that has 1% chance of closing.

For new agents that are just coming in, most of your efforts should be put into marketing low end landed properties.

  1. Make good use of the internet

Listing your properties for sale or rent on major real estate marketing websites like Nigeriapropertycentre, privateproperty and lamudi is a great way to expose your properties to tens of thousands of potential prospects who uses that website on a daily basis to search for properties for sale or rent.

Rapping it up

Nigeria real estate is like no other real estate market in the world. In fact, it is one of the most difficult real estate markets in the world.

Making it in Nigeria real estate market requires you implement with vigor, the above mentioned tactics.

What is your hoddles and difficulties in marketing properties in Nigeria. I would like to hear from you.

Leave your comments on the comment box and don’t forget to share the love by sharing this post on your favorite social media channels.



Cheap Rugs Vs Expensive Rugs

There are plenty of great choices out there for people who are on a minimal budget. A huge part of placing an area rug is to know what you are doing. Even a twenty-thousand-dollar rug will look bad in the wrong setting. To find out how to maximize your decor budget, here is a tip for placing an area rug:

Define the Areas of your Home. Using an area rug is a wonderful way to bring together groups of furniture and other household items in a room. Suppose that you have a living area with a sofa, and a small desk and chair in the corner, where your son or daughter likes to study. These two areas can easily be defined with the use a two area rugs. Make sure that you carefully consider how the two areas look together, and with the rest of the room. You should also position every item of furniture carefully, before you purchase the area rugs. To learn more visit Vancouver Area Rugs.

Smartwatches Can Make All The Difference

I have always been interested in smartwatches. I am an active person, so keeping track of time is absolutely mandatory in my case. I always need to be informed what time it is, what day it is, how I am doing etc.

I have been wearing a smartwatch for as long as I can remember. This type of watch is extremely useful to me as I spend a lot of time outdoors in cold and rainy weather and a waterproof watch is exactly what I need. I wouldn’t want to worry whether my watch can withstand the temperature and rain as I don’t want to be bothered by such things.

As a person who treats fashion seriously, I also want my smartwatch to look good because when I go to work I am required to dress in an elegant way. This is why my smartwatch needs to match the rest of my outfit.

As you can see, I am rather demanding when it comes to my watch. I wouldn’t wear just anything just for the sake of wearing a smartwatch. To me, what I have on me matters more than many other things out there.

It seems that ORSTO has what it takes in order to deliver some of the best smartwatches that the British soil can deliver. Great Britain has had a long history of making quality watches that dates back to as far as 1800’s. Keeping track of time has always been one of the most important things to many English gentlemen who strongly believed that a true man needs to wear a watch that stands out. ORSTO has now all the resources needed in order to manufacture affordable watches that everybody can wear getting the best value for their money. Only a few companies of this type on the market can brag about the achievement such as this one.

Better Pest Control

You will eventually experience some type of pest problem if you live in a home for a long enough period of time. When this happens, you will need to figure out how it will be handled. Some smaller problems can be solved by purchasing some basic pesticides at your local retail store. Unfortunately, not all pest problems are this easy to solve. There will be times when the infestation will be too much for you to handle on your own. In these cases, it will be necessary for you to call a professional exterminator to handle the job for you. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all exterminators are the same. Some do a much better job than others. Here are some of the best ways you can go about choosing a pest control company.

1. What do they specialize in?

Not all pest control companies handle the same types of problems. For example, you will find some exterminators who primarily deal with animals like rats, mice and raccoons. This type of pest control company would not be any help to you if your problem involves insects. Likewise, you do not want to call an insect exterminator if you have larger animals in your home that need to be removed. Make sure that the company you call has a large amount of experience handing infestations exactly like the one you have. This will help to ensure that you are getting the best quality service.

2. When can they start the job?

You obviously want these pests out of your home as soon as possible. However, not all pest control Maryland companies will be able to come out to your home and solve your problem immediately. You may find yourself waiting several days to get relief from the pests that are ruining your life. This is why you should not simply accept it when an exterminator tells you he can’t come to your home for a few days. Call other companies to see if you can find one who can come sooner.

3. Background check

You need to find out who you are dealing with before you allow a pest control company into your home. You would be wise to take a look online and dig up as much info about the company as you can. The Better Business Bureau site would be a great place to start your search.

4 Things to Remember When Buying a Townhouse

If you are considering moving from a single-family home in a rural area of Illinois to more of a townhouse in the big city of Chicago, here are 4 quick things you will want to keep in mind before actually commiting to a purchase.

1 – Location Is Everything

Depending on where you want to live in Chicago, you will find there are a number of housing options. When you are specifically looking for a townhouse as your next real estate purchase, there are a few neighborhoods to consider. First, looking to the North Side of Chicago, you’ll find a bunch of townhouse listings that are at once cozy and comfortable. On the more luxury end of the spectrum, you’ll want to check out townhouses available in the Gold Coast.

Use locally focused Chicago real estate sites to find the neighborhood that is best for you. Sites like Trulia can become overbearing and not personal to your tastes. Remember to keep in mind the things you love in your neighborhood including gyms, restaurants, proximity to the work place and public transit (if you plan to commute by the L train).

2 – City Living Can Be More Expensive

If you are moving from a rural area, you must prepare yourself for an increase in the cost of living that will come with moving to Chicago. Similar to other large cities like New York or San Francisco, Chicago is a city that requires a full wallet and you should fully expect an increase in gas prices, groceries, your utilities and more. This is common nature with big cities and a move to Chicago will be no different.

3 – Money Down Means A Better Payment

During the financing process of buying a townhouse, the one thing that will help keep your monthly mortgage payment to a minimum is putting down a larger sum of money up-front. This indicates to mortgage lenders that you understand this is a serious investment and you want to have the best terms available. If you need more tips to get the biggest bang for your buck when buying a new home, take a look at this helpful post from HGTV.

4 – Work With A Townhouse Expert

Last, but certainly not least, if you are new to the Chicago real estate market, your number one priority should be finding an experience real estate agent who has a tenured career in this specific market. The more your agent knows about Chicago neighborhoods, townhouses and general best practices when it comes to real estate, the better hands you will be in to make a significant purchase.

Follow these 4 tips if you are planning to purchase a townhouse in Chicago and start your search today to find your family’s next home.