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Unravel the Modern Wood Processing Techniques with all natural Oil

February 15, 2016 | Comments Off on Unravel the Modern Wood Processing Techniques with all natural Oil

Wood has long been a source of versatile material from home accessories to massive construction material. With the rise of green concern, wood processing is getting more environmentally than ever.

The recent episode from X:enius, an informative science and technology magazine by the German-French cultural public channel ARTE, has recently interviewed an innovative green company that uses an all bio, and no chemical method to modify wood – an organic, natural treatment with oil.

With the pursuit of discovering the true potential and longevity of wood, a Canadian company, Qijuk( has a truly natural, in a sense, traditional, yet modern way of processing the wood – literally deep fried the wood in an industrial scale with edible oil. The oil that is used to treat the wood is edible, and even FDA approved, so it is 100% health and chemical free. This patented solution, OHT (oil heated treatment) enhances its functional credibility immensely, thus giving birth to a wide range of futuristic applications.

As seen from the interview located in the OHT facility in Germany, the wood is processed in a sophisticated gigantic ‘deep fryer’ in a highly controlled and precise manner, result in a high quality naturally processed wood.

OHT is a unique processing chore in wood modification which enhances the quality of wood. Invented by the German scientist, Prof Dr. A. Rapp and Prof. Dr. M. Sailer in Hamburg, it successfully imparts enhanced durability, stability and acoustic character to the treated wood. It also imbibes an optimized insect repellent character to the treated wood, all achieved by using oil that we literally available in our kitchen. This natural aids – oil, facilitates the process of enhancing wood quality, in a hazard free process.

The interview is indeed a delight for all those who like to stay synced with advancing but green technologies. Modern green technology doesn’t need to come with chemical modification, we often neglect the power of nature, which is so powerful and is available, just around us.

Check out the interview by follow this link: