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4 Things to Remember When Buying a Townhouse

February 1, 2016 | Comments Off on 4 Things to Remember When Buying a Townhouse

If you are considering moving from a single-family home in a rural area of Illinois to more of a townhouse in the big city of Chicago, here are 4 quick things you will want to keep in mind before actually commiting to a purchase.

1 – Location Is Everything

Depending on where you want to live in Chicago, you will find there are a number of housing options. When you are specifically looking for a townhouse as your next real estate purchase, there are a few neighborhoods to consider. First, looking to the North Side of Chicago, you’ll find a bunch of townhouse listings that are at once cozy and comfortable. On the more luxury end of the spectrum, you’ll want to check out townhouses available in the Gold Coast.

Use locally focused Chicago real estate sites to find the neighborhood that is best for you. Sites like Trulia can become overbearing and not personal to your tastes. Remember to keep in mind the things you love in your neighborhood including gyms, restaurants, proximity to the work place and public transit (if you plan to commute by the L train).

2 – City Living Can Be More Expensive

If you are moving from a rural area, you must prepare yourself for an increase in the cost of living that will come with moving to Chicago. Similar to other large cities like New York or San Francisco, Chicago is a city that requires a full wallet and you should fully expect an increase in gas prices, groceries, your utilities and more. This is common nature with big cities and a move to Chicago will be no different.

3 – Money Down Means A Better Payment

During the financing process of buying a townhouse, the one thing that will help keep your monthly mortgage payment to a minimum is putting down a larger sum of money up-front. This indicates to mortgage lenders that you understand this is a serious investment and you want to have the best terms available. If you need more tips to get the biggest bang for your buck when buying a new home, take a look at this helpful post from HGTV.

4 – Work With A Townhouse Expert

Last, but certainly not least, if you are new to the Chicago real estate market, your number one priority should be finding an experience real estate agent who has a tenured career in this specific market. The more your agent knows about Chicago neighborhoods, townhouses and general best practices when it comes to real estate, the better hands you will be in to make a significant purchase.

Follow these 4 tips if you are planning to purchase a townhouse in Chicago and start your search today to find your family’s next home.