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Selling luxury villa in Barcelona

Selling a luxury home requires specific marketing actions that differ significantly from those used in the sale of conventional homes. On many occasions, it is not easy to contact potential clients, as the approach and the means used to reach these luxury home buyers are often flawed.

The sale of luxury real estate is a specialisation within real estate. This market, which encompasses properties in the million euro range and above, demands shorter than average selling times, although buyers are much more selective. Clients in the luxury market value numerous aspects, such as views, quality of materials, architectural style of the building, privacy, and additional services that the property may offer, such as swimming pool, garden, concierge, gym, 24-hour security service, among others. However, the most important thing for these buyers is the location of the property and, in most cases, the privacy it provides.

The size of the property, on the other hand, is not a crucial factor for buyers in this market, as a luxury property can be small, as long as it is exclusive. At Envyrealty, we have been specialising in the luxury housing market for years, as in Luxury villas Barcelona for sale, so if you are interested, we can accompany you throughout the process and, thanks to our experience, help you close the deal successfully.

It is essential to position a property in the luxury market, starting with the choice of a real estate company specialising in luxury homes, such as Gilmar. Our extensive experience in the sector and a database of over 200,000 potential clients are essential in the sale of luxury real estate.

Our presence at the world’s most important real estate fairs and our extensive international network of strategic alliances, with a presence in over 40 countries, make Gilmar the ideal showcase for sellers of luxury homes. Our website, with more than 150,000 visits per month, as well as our app and specialised magazines, are focused on promoting our selection of luxury homes.

If you are interested in selling a luxury home, at Envyrealty we offer you the experience and resources you need to ensure the success of your transaction.