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3 Disadvantages Of Owning Condominiums

3 Disadvantages Of Owning Condominiums

If you have ever looked into purchasing a home you know there is a lot that goes into it. Because of this many people will opt to purchase a condo instead. And while there are many advantages to owning a condominium, there are also a lot of disadvantages. Visit Square One Condos Here

What Is A Condominium?

A condominium is basically a collection of units in a structure or multiple structures. The property on the inside of the condominium belongs to you. You are pretty much free to do whatever you please with it. There may be a few limitations which will be outlined in your agreement. Anything outside your unit is considered a common area and can be used by anyone living in the condominium.

3 Disadvantages Of Owning A Condominium

Now that we know what a condominium is let’s talk about 3 disadvantages associated with owning one. These are the three most common things people complain about when they live in a condo.

Disadvantage #1 – Parking

Most people think you get assigned parking when you live in a condo. While this is the case on some properties, for many it is not. Parking is available on a first come first serve basis. That means you can get home after work and have to park a mile away if that is the only parking available. It can be very frustrating to say the least. Especially if you have company. Where will they park? Over time the struggle to find parking can become very aggravating.

Disadvantage #2 – There Are A Lot Of Restrictions

Unlike parking spaces, condominiums aren’t short on rules and restrictions. Condominiums care about one thing and that’s keeping the peace. And in order to do that they believe they need to impose a ton of restrictions. It can almost feel like prison sometimes. Most condominiums have restrictions on pets, the types of materials you can have in your unit and how many people can live in your unit just to name a few. Before you decide to purchase a condo make sure you understand all the rules and regulations.

Disadvantage #3 – Association Fees

When you own a condo you will have to pay association fees. Generally speaking these fees will be added into your monthly payment. The purpose of the fees are to keep the exterior looking nice. For example they would be used to keep the grass cut and the pool clean. Condominium fees can sometimes be very expensive.

Take the time to weigh your options. Is it worth it for what you will be getting? Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Make sure you understand the current fees before you sign your agreement. Do a little research to find out how much the fees have gone up over the last few years. You may be able to afford the fees right now but what if they continue to go up year after year. Will you still be able to afford them?

These are things you need to consider before purchasing a condo. Take your time and make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you sign anything.

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Shabby Chic; How To Create The Look In Your Home

Shabby Chic is a look that was introduced back in the 1980s and included old second hand furniture as well as faded flowery furnishings to give a shabby feel to people’s homes. Nowadays, as the look has developed over the years you’ll find furniture retailers are stocking and supplying new items that match the style without having to resort to buying second hand. Whereas once the look was all about scuffed paint and faded materials, now you can incorporate many other different items to get the look you are after.
Of course you don’t need to throw out all your present furniture as just adding one or two selected new pieces can alter the whole feel of a room. Try painting your walls in a much richer colour than you are used to, then adding perhaps an ornate overmantle mirror in either silver or gold and a Venetian antiqued glass coffee table to completely transform your room. A cream or antique white wall mirror out in the hall will enhance any look and will look great teamed with maybe an ornately carved console table.

Upstairs in the bedrooms, why not add an elaborate headboard to your bed? If you need to replace your wardrobes, then why not go for a couple of French style armoires instead and add an antique silver cabinet to complete your storage? Again, if you paint your walls in a dramatic colour it will help your new furniture stand out even more.

The beauty of this style is that really anything goes. You don’t have to replace everything at once but can add to it as and when you wish adapting the look to suit your individual preferences. Shabby chic has been around for a long time now and luckily it doesn’t seem about to decline in popularity at any time soon.


This post was written and supplied by the team over at, UK based retailers of an extensive range of Shabby Chic and French Style Furniture.

Replacing Windows in Spring

Now, when spring is already in full swing, I like to look around the house to see if there is anything here I could improve. Believe it or not, I always find something that could use changing like my windows for example.

Honestly, I don’t even remember when I had them replaced last time. I have lived in this house for a long time, and I can only guess how old some of the things such as windows are. I don’t remember placing them myself as there were other people who were living in the house before me, so I can only speculate when it comes to how old those windows are.

When it comes to window replacement, it is always best to contact somebody qualified for the job, somebody who knows what they are doing such as specialists in window replacement toronto. You should never attempt to replace any windows in your home yourself unless you are a specialist yourself. Such things should be left in the hands of those who know a lot about home improvement and who know how to handle bay window installation toronto. they will know exactly what you need and they will guide you through the whole process of making sure that you are fully happy with your new windows.

How to Organize Your Home

Organizing a home will be easier if you take into account those tips:
Тір 1


Νоw thаt уоu аrе ехсіtеd аbоut stаrtіng уоur оrgаnіzіng рrојесt DО ΝОТ ЅНОР fіrst. Тhіs іs thе bіggеst mіstаkе mоst реорlе dо. Еvеrу hоmе І hаvе оrgаnіzеd hаd аn оvеr аbundаnt аmоunt оf bіns аnd оrgаnіzіng рrоduсts аlrеаdу thеrе. Тhіs іs bесаusе thеу hаvе gоnе оut аnd shорреd fіrst іnstеаd оf gоіng thrоugh thе рurgіng рrосеss fіrst. (Ѕее Тір 2)

Yоu wіll buу wау mоrе thаn уоu nееd аnd thеn уоu wіll hаvе tо rеturn thоsе оrgаnіzіng рrоduсts. Whісh wе аll knоw wіll sіt іn уоur hоusе untіl уоu gеt аrоund tо rеturnіng thоsе іtеms аnd іt nеvеr hарреns. Whу buу tеn shое bох соntаіnеrs whеn уоu оnlу nееd fіvе. Тhіs wіll sаvе уоu tіmе, mоnеу, аnd gаs.

Тір 2

Рurgе Fіrst

Еnlіst а gооd frіеnd. Тhеу dоn’t hаvе thе еmоtіоnаl аttасhmеnt thаt уоu dо tо уоur thіngs. Yоur truе frіеnds wіll tеll уоu hоw thаt drеss rеаllу lооks.
Ѕеt uр tоss аnd dоnаtе bіns.
Таkе ЕVЕRYТНІΝG оut оf thе аrеа уоu wаnt tо оrgаnіzе.
Тоss ехріrеd оr unusаblе іtеms.
Dоnаtе duрlісаtеs. І furnіshеd mу fіrst араrtmеnt frоm Gооdwіll. Тhаnk уоu tо аll thоsе whо dоnаtе.
Grоuр sаmе іtеms tоgеthеr.
Моvе іtеms thаt dо nоt bеlоng tо thеіr rіghtful hоmе.
Меаsurе уоur аrеа.

Νоw уоu аrе rеаdу tо shор!

Yоu саn fіnd grеаt dеаls оn оrgаnіzіng рrоduсts. Тhеrе аrе а vаrіеtу оf stоrеs. Му fаvоrіtе іs thе Dоllаr stоrе. Тhеу оffеr а vаrіеtу оf соntаіnеrs, hаngеrs, shеlf lіnеrs, оffісе dеsk, аnd shое stоrаgе іtеms аll fоr а buсk еасh. І hаvе еvеn fоund brаnd nеw оrgаnіzіng bіns, bаskеts, hооks, аnd shеlvіng аt Gооdwіll. Саn уоu bеlіеvе іt? Yоu wіll bе аmаzеd аt whаt уоu саn stumblе асrоss.

Тір 3

Lооk hіgh аnd lоw.

І bеt уоu саn fіnd vеrtісаl sрасе. Тhіnk аbоut hоw tо mахіmіzе уоur sрасе bу hаngіng hооks оr usіng rіsеrs. Рut thоsе іtеms usеd thе lеаst uр hіgh. Тhіs wоuld bе іtеms lіkе hоlіdау dесоr, sеаsоnаl, vаsеs, аnd lаrgе раrtу trауs.

Тір 4

Lаbеl thоsе соntаіnеrs.

Вuу оr bоrrоw а lаbеl mаkеr. Неlр sаvе tіmе bу fіndіng whаt уоu nееd quісklу аnd rеturnіng іtеms tо thеіr rіghtful hоmе. Lаbеlіng аlsо hеlрs thе rеst оf thе fаmіlу knоw whеrе іtеms bеlоng.

Тір 5

Тасklе thе оnе аrеа thаt bоthеrs уоu thе mоst fіrst аnd рlаn оn dоublіng thе tіmе уоu thіnk іt wіll tаkе. Таkе а dеер brеаth аnd dіvе іn. Ѕеt uр dоnаtе аnd tоss bіns. Yоu wіll bе аmаzеd аt whаt уоu саn dо.

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Living Room

Are you tired of walking into the same old rooms every day? You don’t have to start knocking down walls to renovate your home into something exciting and new. Here are six ways to jazz up your interior design with nothing more than a few replacement parts.

1. Botanicals

A few flowers can make room any room smell like a garden, so stock up on gardenias and hydrangeas for sweet, spring-like fragrances. On the other hand, if you’re looking for clean air, invest in bamboo palms or a small olive tree for indoor air purification.

2. Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best living room of them all? Break free from traditional rectangles and find something that speaks to the style and personality of your home. Look into lavish designs, unique frames and different material types like brass, porcelain and wood.

3. Lamps

Lamps are one of the great untapped resources of interior design. Many homeowners simply buy a few functional ones and never think about them again, not realizing that between shape, size and shade, they’re missing all kinds of opportunities for decoration. Here’s an easy challenge: The next time you’re shopping, pretend you’re not allowed to buy any lamp with a white or beige shade. See how many possibilities that eliminates right off the bat.

4. Furniture

A comfortable couch is only the beginning of a great living room. For resting, there are also chairs, recliners and love seats; for holding drinks and papers, choose coffee and accent tables. Don’t forget the ottomans, either! Check out high-quality pieces of Harden furniture for more living room decor ideas.

5. Clocks

Who needs boring, round clocks with Roman numerals? Mantel clocks come in all shapes, sizes and designs; cuckoo clocks offer a sense of whimsy and fun, and grandfather clocks will add a timeless grace to any room. Digital wall clocks are also gaining popularity in sleek, contemporary homes where they complement modernity and chrome.

6. Picture Frames

Like mirrors and lamps, many people simply don’t give a lot of thought to their picture frames, but different kinds can completely change the atmosphere of their living rooms. Colorful ones are fun for kids and candid; ornate, 18th-century frames will accent your grandmother’s portrait with grace and weight.

These are just a few ways to redecorate and rejuvenate your living room. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you’re satisfied. Shopping is half the fun anyway!

Club de Campo La Zagaleta

Perhaps better known locally than abroad, this world class residential resort homes some of the biggest and most exclusive homes in the south of Europe. With many of the world’s rich and famous choosing La Zagaleta over the numerous other world class resorts in the area, we dig a little deeper in to what appeals the worlds elite.

The complex is located in the catchment area of Benahavis, which is one of the richest town halls in Spain due mainly to the types of property that it homes and the fees that are paid in keeping the area picturesque and unique. Benahavis itself has a microclimate due to its surroundings which makes the weather some of the best in Europe. With almost daily sunshine and temperatures that rarely get too hot or too cold it draws wealthy individuals looking to either escape the colder climates of northern Europe or the dry heat from Africa and the Arab states.

Property in the area is not overdeveloped and there is a lot of Green Zones which are areas that are not legally allowed to have construction built on them. Therefore plots and villas in the area are highly desirable and hold their value, which was noted through the recent recession which almost had the country on its knees. Yes it is fair to say that this small region on the Costa del Sol is one of the most desirable and only a privileged few will ever own a home or villa here.

Which bring us to La Zagaleta and the incredible facilities and wealth of history flowing throughout its past and present. With current famous owners such as Vladimir Putin the Russian president and Hugh Grant & Rod Stewart two huge Hollywood names all owning a plot and villa here. With a troubled history whose roots are somewhat best forgotten, it now has a professional golf course, large and exquisite riding stables and a clubhouse to fulfil your every need. Access to the estate is only possible by pre-made appointment and its armed guards at the entrance make sure security is never overlooked. There is also a helipad for those looking to make the most impressive of entrances.

Villas for sale in La Zagaleta range from large to huge and styles include traditional mansions and contemporary villas. There are many plots for sale here too, for only the most disconcerting who are then able to build a home of dreams with a wallet of equal proportions! While many villas are indeed market for sale there are a number of private off market sales too and only the best and most prestigious Realty agents having access to such plots.

All in all this is a development like no other and will continue for the foreseeable future to be so. With the management of the development also keen on expanding its brand, only good things are sure to be on the horizon for owners of this idyllic setting.

The Green Deal: Energy efficient improvements in your home or business.

In todays ever advancing world it’s important that we all do as much as we can to ensure a safe and healthy future for our generations to come, this means ensuring we do as much as we can to save the environment and make sure we leave a lasting legacy for our kids and their kids and future generations. With the world summit on climate change recently it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we are not doing enough to save our planet and governments around the world are starting to realise this and have been or are about to start implementing plans in which we as citizens can help preserve our natural world. Thankfully the government in the UK and EU have been on top of this matter for sometime and have some really fantastic options that will allow us to preserve and conserve as much as we can. Today we will talk about one particular UK initiative that is called The Green Deal – What is it? In short it’s the UK governments countrywide plan to reduce our reliance on current energy sources and how we can reduce our use of those current energy sources while the government invests in future greener and cleaner products. This is available for all households in the UK and is a groundbreaking project by the government and something we will be keeping a close eye on and reporting back on as much as we can. Lets jump straight in then.

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a worldwide leading project by the United Kingdom government to ensure that all houses are cleaner and greener to run for the environment, this also translates into massive cost savings for the end user. It means that all properties in the future will be warmer and much cheaper to run in terms of monthly bills. The Green Deal scheme has been in place since Autumn 2012 and means that all businesses and households are able to join the scheme and benefit from subsidised energy advice as well as the current ‘pay-as-you-save’ green loans which are to be used exclusively for energy efficient improvements in your home or business. This includes things such as heat pump installations, loft insulation and all other renewable energy technologies. The scheme works on a rebate system and these are paid back through the customers electric bills. A new Energy Company Obligation for disadvantaged groups and hard-to-treat homes will integrate with the Green Deal, allowing an energy supplier subsidy and Green Deal Finance to come together into one seamless offer to the consumer. This means that some measures, such as solid wall insulation, which is classes as ‘hard-to-treat’, may be completely free of charge to the homeowner.

What are the rules?

They’re fairly simple.  Set in legislation, the rules specify that any charge attached to a customer’s electricity bill via the installation of Green Deal measures must be less than the expected savings from the improvement. There are always exceptions to the rules though, such as not every installed measure will be able to pay for itself over it’s lifetime, in these cases the owner will be able to contribute to some of the cost to ensure that this one rule can be met.

Why and how should I get involved?

There are numerous benefits to getting involved in this flagship green scheme, not to mention the cost savings but most importantly we can conserve this world we live in. It’s important to note that only certified green deal providers will be able to take part in this scheme, so if you’re considering joining it then it’s important to make sure your contractor is certified to do this. You can contact the government directly for any advice needed or you can use a reliable Green Deal advisor company such as Green Deal Central who can guide you on the best course of action to take.

We wish you all the best with your new green living decision and we hope you pass this information on so others like you can help to conserve this amazing world we live in.