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Shabby Chic; How To Create The Look In Your Home

April 10, 2014 | Comments Off on Shabby Chic; How To Create The Look In Your Home

Shabby Chic is a look that was introduced back in the 1980s and included old second hand furniture as well as faded flowery furnishings to give a shabby feel to people’s homes. Nowadays, as the look has developed over the years you’ll find furniture retailers are stocking and supplying new items that match the style without having to resort to buying second hand. Whereas once the look was all about scuffed paint and faded materials, now you can incorporate many other different items to get the look you are after.
Of course you don’t need to throw out all your present furniture as just adding one or two selected new pieces can alter the whole feel of a room. Try painting your walls in a much richer colour than you are used to, then adding perhaps an ornate overmantle mirror in either silver or gold and a Venetian antiqued glass coffee table to completely transform your room. A cream or antique white wall mirror out in the hall will enhance any look and will look great teamed with maybe an ornately carved console table.

Upstairs in the bedrooms, why not add an elaborate headboard to your bed? If you need to replace your wardrobes, then why not go for a couple of French style armoires instead and add an antique silver cabinet to complete your storage? Again, if you paint your walls in a dramatic colour it will help your new furniture stand out even more.

The beauty of this style is that really anything goes. You don’t have to replace everything at once but can add to it as and when you wish adapting the look to suit your individual preferences. Shabby chic has been around for a long time now and luckily it doesn’t seem about to decline in popularity at any time soon.


This post was written and supplied by the team over at, UK based retailers of an extensive range of Shabby Chic and French Style Furniture.