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Is It Time to Move to the Suburbs?

May 18, 2020 | Comments Off on Is It Time to Move to the Suburbs?

Have you lived in the middle of the city for quite some time now? Is it no longer holding the charm it once did? While it can be handy to live in the city-center when we are younger and building our careers, it can become irritating in the future. If you want to make the big move out to the suburbs, here are some of the things you should think about.

Where Should You Live?

When you decide to make the move to the suburbs, one of the first things you need to pick is a suburb itself. They all have different advantages and disadvantages, and some may not suit your needs as well as others.

For example, if you are worried about security then you may wish to move into a gated community. Though they can be more expensive and have stricter rules for the homeowner’s association, they could give you the security and safety you are searching for.

Another example might be a need to balance space with your commute. If you don’t want to spend hours driving in and out of the city, you should look for a suburb that is closer to the city limits. However, this might limit you on the space of the property itself. Going further out will give you more floorspace within your home, and potentially even a much bigger yard.

Why not take a look at the homes for sale in Pooler GA as the perfect example? The homes in this suburb of Savannah are spacious and offer everything a family needs, and you can still make it into the city for your day’s work with little difficulty. By choosing to buy a home for less in Pooler, GA, you may be able to solve many of the issues facing your family right now.

What Does Your Family Need?

If you have a family, you have to consider what is best for them. Many choose to make the move to the suburbs because they want their children to have a better quality of life compared to what is in the city. If you have lived in an apartment for most of your children’s lives, they may only be used to going outside accompanied by you, and most of their greenspaces will have been parks.

Many children around the world are raised successfully like this, but many parents also choose to make the move out to the suburbs so their children can experience more. Many feel that the suburbs are inherently safer than the cities. You may feel more comfortable about older children going out to play by themselves here.

You also might not be that impressed with the quality of the schools or nurseries in your local area. You need to ensure that your children are always going to get the best possible education no matter what, and plenty of socialization with other children. As a result, you need to make the move to the suburbs so they are eligible for the right education; whether you opt for the private route or find a good public school.

The Ability to Adapt Your Property as You Need

The problem with many city-center residences, be they full houses or apartments, is that you can be constrained by some pretty strict zoning laws. This means that you often have to take on a property as is. While you can make some aesthetic changes to it and improve or undertake structural maintenance if you are the owner, there are also several things that you are going to be unable to do.

There is more control handed to you when you move to the suburbs. You will not have full control entirely. Whether you have more zoning laws or a homeowner’s association to navigate, there will most likely still be some form of restriction that means you can’t do whatever you would like.

However, you may also find more options available than if you were to stay where you are right now. Depending on where you move to, you could even purchase an empty lot that would allow you to construct your dream home with all the space and rooms you need.

A Real Sense of Community

Moving to a suburb has several benefits for your social life too. While you may have a great local community where you live right now, there is more of a chance that you can meet people as you move to a suburb. As opposed to living in an apartment block with a load of strangers, you will be able to meet and form relationships with neighbors.

There will also be plenty of things for you to get involved with in the local community. From sports teams to charitable initiatives, there is plenty for you to jump into. A suburb offers you and your family the perfect chance to develop close friendships and ties beyond even what you have in a big city. With today’s modern technology, you even might be able to keep in touch with old friends and family you have left behind. This is the perfect chance to make a fresh start and throw yourself into a new life.

Look to the Suburbs Today

The move to suburbia is one that can terrify a lot of people. If you have lived in a big city for your entire life, the idea of moving to the suburbs can seem a little odd, but there is so much on offer here that it will really be a smart move overall. No matter what stage you are at with your career or your family, you might do a lot better if you choose to move to the suburbs and make them your base for the next stage of your family’s life.

Find out more about the suburbs surrounding your city today. There may just be the perfect community waiting to welcome you! Is it time to trade your life in the big city in for suburbia? Only you can tell!

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