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Why I Chose The Home Builder I Did

March 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Why I Chose The Home Builder I Did

My wife and I finally made the decision that we were ready to build a custom house. We were doing well and felt that it was time to get our dream home. We had been looking at plans for months, hitting up all the building stores, buying home building magazines, spending hours doing research online all in order to make sure we knew exactly what we wanted.

The one thing we had never really thought about nor put much time into was deciding who was going to build our home. We asked around and got lots of names or builders in Medford but there was one name that was repeated several times. And that name was VanWey Homes.

We called all of the contractors we were referred to and narrowed our list down. Some of them were not professional. Some of them we felt did not have enough experience. Some of them were booked for quite a while.

My wife and I spend a considerable amount of time paring down the list to decide who we wanted to use. We finally decided to go with Wayne Vanwey at VanWey Homes. The reason for this was pretty simple. He was one of the best builders in the Rogue Valley.

Not only was he one of the best builders in the valley he has been building houses here for 40 years. He has the knowledge and experience we were looking for. He saw problems immediately with what we wanted to do and gave us solutions right away. He’s like a home builder savant. Not to mention we really liked him.

We toured some of the spec homes he had built recently and were really blown away by the little details that he had thought of. Super simple things that would make all the difference and a better living space. The attention to detail in the home was amazing.

The construction of our new home is underway and Wayne has been nothing short of awesome. I hope to add another post here after it is completed and show photos of it after its done.