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Why Fiber Optics Internet Makes Sense In Florida

September 5, 2015 | Comments Off on Why Fiber Optics Internet Makes Sense In Florida

Although there are a lot of different high-speed internet choices available, the climate and conditions unique to Florida mean that using traditional lines to push high speed internet can result in occasional service interruptions and delays.

So whether you are a consumer or a business it makes sense to look into FIOs or fiber optic service because the installations of fiber throughout Florida are meant to be impervious to local weather conditions. And after all, robust and consistent internet service will definitely save you time and money.

In addition, fiber optic Internet through providers like Clearwater Internet service is capable of reaching speeds that most competing services can not come close to. In some cases, there are guaranteed speeds of over 500 Mbps, which gives customers the luxury of running multiple instances of high-definition video and allowing a large family to all use the internet simultaneously at a very high speed.

Here are some additional benefits of choosing fiber optics in Florida:

Last mile security: If your provider offers Wi-Fi to your home or business, there is always a chance that there will be hackers trying to take over that Wi-Fi connection in order to harvest data. The same thing could be said about some DSL connections, which often feature a recognizable, localized IP address as a gateway. In some affluent communities, hackers have learned to recognize which addresses serve which communities and have targeted the areas with the most income with brute force password attacks. With fiber optics, the technology is such that it is very difficult to intercept your data while it is in transit. Moreover, it is almost impossible for would-be hackers to break into the lines upstream from your location to siphon off data.

Multiple services: Because your connection can carry a lot of data at high speeds, it is possible for providers to offer you phone services and television services over the same connection, making it very convenient and cost-effective for you to choose to use fiber optic high-speed Internet as part of a bundle. Most bundles heavily discount one or more services when you sign up.

Multiple devices: When you sign up for fiber optic Internet service, you also typically can use either your tablet or your smartphone to access your high speed connection. In some cases, if you add television service, you can also log into your television account remotely and stream movies and television from anywhere in the world.