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Why choose resin for your driveway

March 13, 2017 | Comments Off on Why choose resin for your driveway

Pathways, or driveways, as they are called are becoming increasingly popular among households and give a defining element to the house. Sure, a lot of people want driveways and, but not everyone knows about the ways to maintain these driveways. You could be parking your motor vehicle on the driveway, walking on it, or your children could be playing on it with your dog; but you need to take proper care of it. This includes maintaining it, increasing its lifespan, making it look new as ever and make it weather resistant.

Enter, resin driveways.

Resin driveways are not the traditional way the surface of the driveways has been transformed, it a relatively new model. Earlier, people used to use the leftover concrete to coat their driveways.

Nonetheless, gone are those days! Resin is used to coat the driveways these days and there are a number of ways the resin driveways would give you an edge as the owner of the house.

Resin is permeable

Resin is a permeable substance that allows selective fluids to pass through it. So, when it rains, your driveway won’t be flooded with water and the water won’t stand still for days on it. Resin coating on the driveway creates a void that lets the water pass through it. This avoids flooding on your driveway, and also lets the water enter the ground water table!

Resin is long lasting

Resin is a durable substance and can last for more than 15 years! If properly maintained, it can even last anywhere between 18-25 years.

Enhanced appearance and attractive colours

What the regular concrete or asphalt driveways won’t allow you are the choice of colours for your driveway. You can choose any colour you like for the driveway and even choose a design or pattern that you like. It increases the aesthetics of the place and makes it look more appealing to the senses.

Weather resistant

The best part about Resin that makes it desirable for driveways is the fact that it’s weather resistant. Resin does not change shape in peak summers or harden beyond imagination in cold winters. All such things happen to Asphalt, which can hamper the quality of your driveway.

Resin is low maintenance

With Asphalt, comes the issue of weed along the sides and the stones that may come out and cracks that may follow. Resin allows no such inconsistency and even discourages any algal formations.

Environment friendly

Resin basically acts as a natural filter for all the rain water; all the impurities are left behind and pure water seeps to the underground water table. Also, it does not let heat islands to be formed because of all the concrete and asphalt.