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Which Solar Panel is Right for You?

November 15, 2015 | Comments Off on Which Solar Panel is Right for You?


The solar panel industry is on its rapid growth. With the increasing number of manufacturers, numerous types of panels have also been produced. If you are trying to consider installing these for your home, it pays to know about the different types offered by installers so you would have an informed choice, rather than just go with the first one you see. Depending on where you live, you may benefit from a different solar panel, so for example if you are interested in solar panel installation in New Jersey, then you should consider a panel most suitable for your geographical area. There are differences between these types of panel and they are worth knowing about, though it is the overall power that matters a lot as well

Crystalline Modules

Crystalline modules come in monocrystalline or polycrystalline. The latter’s cells are cut from pure drawn silicon bars are aligned in just one direction. This means that if the sun shines brightly, they are very efficient especially if they are at the right angle. Monocrystalline panels work best for areas with direct bright sunshine. They also have a blacker color to absorb more light. On the other hand, polycrystalline panels are better suited for duller conditions, though the difference is minimal. It’s because these are made from silicon off cuts created into cells of pure crystal bits. Since the crystals are not perfectly aligned and there are losses between joints, they work from all angles.

Hybrid Panels

Panasonic manufactures hybrid panels. They have an HIT module that has a thin layer of amorphous film behind the crystalline cells. The additional layer extracts more energy from the sunlight in low light conditions. These are the most efficient panels around, and they take up less space on your roof. Hybrid panels, however, are more expensive than crystalline, and they are not practical to use if your roof has enough space to fit crystalline panels that generate the same amount of power. If you are interested to know the price range of these solar panels, make life easier by simply requesting for online solar quotes.

Black Panels

Completely black panels are now being offered in the market. Black frames and panels offer an improved look especially on slate roofs and traditional cottages. The disadvantage comes from the black backing that absorbs heat and light, eliminating the benefit of sunlight being reflected back onto cells through the backing material. The panels also tend to get warmer. Solar cells are more efficient when cooler, so black backing will work less effectively that white backing. Thin film modules are ideal for a temperate climate because they are suitable to duller and diffuse conditions.