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Where Students Live

June 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Where Students Live

I used to be a student at some point and I know that student accommodation is one of the biggest concerns of every young person out there who is about to start spending time in university or college.

During my years as a student, I lived in all sorts of places: houses, apartments, dorms, you name it. I still have the fondest memories from the time when I lived in a dorm mostly due to the fact that I met so many new people and made some friends with whom I am still in touch until today. Every type of student accommodation has its pluses and minuses though. If you live in a dorm, you might have sometimes problems sleeping due to all the parties taking place around the clock. Also, your roommates might prevent you from going to sleep until some very late hours, which for some young people might be OK, but can be harder for others.

If living in a dorm is not for you, you will want to opt for Student Off Campus Housing. Flatshares or houseshares are some of the most popular forms of this type of housing. You get to share a house or a flat with a few other people including the kitchen and the bathroom, but you get a room all for yourself. Of course, it can still be noisy in your house or the flat from time to time, but the privacy you get this way allows you to be able to switch your lights off at the hour you find suitable. I never really had a room for myself as a student, but right now when I think about it, having one just for myself would have allowed me to accomplish more as a student.

I encourage each one of you to carefully consider each option when it comes to student accommodation and choose one that suits you best.