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What’s the Difference Between Roll-Up Doors and Swing Doors?

November 3, 2020 | Comments Off on What’s the Difference Between Roll-Up Doors and Swing Doors?

The trailer industry has evolved over the last 50 or 60 years to produce many varieties of storage trailers that can be bought, sold or rented. The same is true for storage trailer swing doors Auburn WA. While the trailer itself comes in different sizes, there are also different types of doors that have slightly different functionality and serve different purposes. Learn more about the differences between swing doors and roll-up doors that are used on trucks and storage trailers around the country.

What are Roll-Up Doors?

Roll-up doors are exactly what they sound like. They typically are found at the back of the truck or trailer and essentially roll up from the bottom and extend into the trailer at ceiling level. Roll-up doors have many advantages including the ability to be operated while parked securely at a loading dock. Also, the mechanism for opening and closing the door is very simple, leading to efficient and quick opening and closing during curbside deliveries. Because of the simplicity of using roll-up doors, some fleets have found that drivers more properly follow safety protocols and procedures. Also, for marketing purposes, roll-up doors can be easily painted with logos and campaigns to help spread brand awareness.

On the downside, the roll-up design does result in a slightly reduced clearance on the rear frame in order to allow for the door to roll into the trailer. There are many different versions of roll-up doors from many different brands and manufacturers.

What are Swing Doors?

Swing doors are also commonly known as “barn” doors. One of the biggest pros to using swing doors with trailers and trucks is that it maximizes the net cargo area. When you need a very large opening and the maximum amount of space for storage, swing doors provide that. They come in many different sizes and are made out of many different materials.

The only other thing to consider is that because swing doors open out from the trailer, you have to have clearance to be able to open it up. Also, in windy conditions, be careful to secure the doors so they don’t flap wildly in harsh weather.