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What’s It Like Living in Manayunk?

August 10, 2020 | Comments Off on What’s It Like Living in Manayunk?

Manayuck is a neighborhood in Philadelphia that has a small-town atmosphere. It is northwest of the city.

This neighborhood has streets lined with trendy shops and plenty of local bars that help it love up to its name which means “the place to drink.”

If you are thinking of moving here, you are sure to not regret the decision because it has so much to offer.

Historic Roots

According to Philly Mag, Manayuck can trace its history back to 1716 when people first settled here. The community grew into an industrial hub, making it well-known as a mill town.

It helped the growth of the town that it is located on the Schuylkill River. It’s home to the Manayuck Canal. The manmade island in the river was home to many of the mills that offered jobs and wealth to the community.

Today, the island is a great place to find apartments for rent in Manayunk, so keep it in mind as you continue to check out this neighborhood.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Manayuck has a low crime rate, making it a safe place to call home. In fact, many people state it is the safest place in the city. You will find it also is a place of riches with a variety of million-dollar homes and upscale living options.

While many parts of the community are affluent, there are still blue-collar roots here. People have not forgotten what created the neighborhood and stay true to its history by offering a friendly welcome to newcomers.

The neighborhood also has a lot of variety when it comes to shops and places to eat, but if you want a chain restaurant, you are out of luck. Everything here is small business-focused, which only adds to the overall atmosphere of a community that supports each other.

A Place To Call Home

Whether you simply want to be close to Philly or you yearn to find a community that you can really become a part of, Manayuck offers it all. It is a place you can truly call home.