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What You Need To Know About Exterior Wall Painting

May 11, 2022 | Comments Off on What You Need To Know About Exterior Wall Painting

The exterior paint of your home portrays the beauty and value of your home. In addition to adding value to your property if you intend to sell, the paint protects your home against termites and harsh weather. Therefore, combining your exterior paint and how it’s done is crucial. This article discusses what you need to know as you plan to paint the exterior of your home.

When Is The Best Time To Do Exterior Wall Painting?

Whether it’s a new home or making home improvements, the right time to paint is essential in ensuring that your paint gives you a good finish and will last for a long time.

Depending on the season, such as on hot days, in the rain, or when it is windy, it is not suitable to do your painting. Temperatures ranging between 50 and 90-degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for painting. Direct sunlight, as well as hot temperatures, causes the paint to dry too quickly. Waiting for the shade will work well. Lower temperatures may cause the paint not to stick to the surface, while surfaces with moisture or dew will bubble the paint.

Contract Home Painters For Better Results

Exterior painting is more intensive and requires more concentration, especially where you have to climb on higher walls. Having a home painter with experience and the equipment necessary will ensure safety.

Working with house painters Portland-based experts, you will be assisted you in getting the correct paint on the market. You will enjoy the painting process since most of the work will also be done by professionals. Painting your exterior wall may seem costly, but engaging a home painter will assist you in outsourcing the correct paint at a discount.

Home painters are aware of the regulations and standards of painting concerning health and environmental preservation, especially concerning mixing paint, replacing paint, or even changing as they dispose of the waste after completing the work.

Working with contractors guarantees you an excellent finish, since a negative report will affect business. They will ensure quality from prep to completing the work within the agreed time.

Choosing Your Exterior Paint

Planning the color scheme of your exterior depends on your surroundings. The following are the common types of colors you can choose from:

Light Brown

The light brown color gives your wall a warm, welcoming combination. This color blends well with open balconies.


Using the color white will assist you most significantly during summer by repelling off sunlight as it gives your home a luxurious, ageless appearance.


Grey stands out as a modern wall color that will give your home a beautiful, warm look.

Colors have a way of affecting our feelings. Therefore, as you decide what colors to use for your exterior, go for colors that energize and give you a happy mood rather than dull colors that will make you sleepy. Furthermore, what better way to complement your home surroundings, especially for plant lovers, your home décor, and feelings? than a beautiful exterior painting.