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What to Consider Before Installing a Pool Slide

June 23, 2022 | Comments Off on What to Consider Before Installing a Pool Slide

Before installing a pool slide, you should consider the size of your pool, materials used for pool slides, safety requirements, and space around the pool. This article will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. After reading this, you will be well on your way to a safe, entertaining pool paradise. If you have questions about your slide, talk to an insurance agent.

Size of your pool

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself when installing a pool slide is the size. The length of the slide will depend on how many people use it. Spiral and curved slides need more space than straight slides, but straight ones only need about 2.4 to 4 meters of outside space. Consider the location of your slide as well. It’ll be an unnecessary obstacle for everyone if it’s right in the middle of your main pool area.

Firstly, the size of your swimming pool will determine the type of slide you can install. For example, a simple slide that extends from the deck to the water’s edge is not suitable for infinity pools. A freeform or geometric pool may be a good fit. Check with your pool builder to see if the swimming pool water slides Orange County is a good fit for your pool. If you think your pool is big enough, installing a simple slide is okay.

Materials used for pool slides

Pool slides are made from various materials, but polyethylene and fiberglass are the most popular. They are durable, attractive, and resistant to rust and chemical damage. Fiberglass and vinyl are also available. Custom-made slides are also available. Tile and pebbles are often used, as well as customized slides. Decorative mosaic tiles are also popular.

When purchasing a pool slide, you should consider the size of your swimming pool and its surrounding areas. If you have a small pool, you may not be able to install a larger slide. Make sure that the slide you purchase fits comfortably into the space available. It is also essential to consider the orientation of the sun. The slide should be shaded when the sun is shining directly on it. If the pool is sunny, it can cause the slide to overheat.

Safety requirements

Before you install a pool slide, consider these safety requirements. You should also consider the depth of water in which the slide will be installed. Ideally, you should install the slide over deeper water. Also, the slide should be located in a shaded area. It should also have stairs at both ends for easy exit. Finally, before installing a pool slide, you should consult the Consumer Product Safety Commission for additional guidelines. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a mandatory safety standard for swimming pool slides. These requirements apply to both the construction and manufacture of the slides. In addition to this, the slide should be certified under the Consumer Product Safety Act. This certification will provide peace of mind to consumers and builders. This standard applies to slides manufactured in the United States starting July 19, 1976. It is important to note that the CPSC initiated this regulation to protect consumers from dangerous products.

Space needed around the pool for a pool slide

When installing a pool slide, consider the space available around the pool. The space around a slide is crucial, and if there’s not enough, the slide can make it challenging to enjoy poolside seating. To avoid this, place the slide at the deep end, where it can be viewed. It’s also a good idea to plan a wide exit ramp so that they can do so without having to cross the slide if people need to climb out.

Another factor that affects space is the model of the pool slide. While the exact size of the slide will depend on its model, most slides require a 7 x 15-foot section of the pool deck. Preconfigured slides may need more room. Also, safety is of the utmost importance, and pool slides should have enclosed ladders and non-slip stair treads, and easy-grip handrails. The height and depth of the pool are also important considerations.

Choosing a curved or spiral slide

Before buying a new pool slide, you should first evaluate your needs. Consider the space available in your backyard and the amount of water depth at the end of the slide. You should also determine the overhang at the pool’s edge and the clearance in front of the slide. Once you have answered these questions, it is time to choose the best slide for your home. A swimming pool slide is an excellent addition to any backyard!

There are five main choices among deck-mounted slides. The final decision should be based on your personal preference and your family’s lifestyle. It is best to seek professional advice when installing a pool slide to meet all safety standards. Remember, pool slides are enormous and require ample deck space to install properly. You may even want to hire a professional to do the installation. However, if you have no experience installing slides, plenty of resources will help you install a slide safely and correctly.