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What Is Residential Hydroseeding?

April 2, 2022 | Comments Off on What Is Residential Hydroseeding?

Part of your home’s curb appeal relies on the lawn surrounding your residence. Supplying a place where your children and pets can play or that you can enjoy during family barbecues and other events held in gardens and on patios, the lawn can provide the foundation for a host of outdoor living activities. As a result, when your yard begins to look bedraggled, it quickly becomes apparent. You can take steps to improve the appearance of your lawn through the use of residential hydroseeding.

A Means To Revitalize Your Lawn

Landscaping services offer residential hydroseeding Ramona CA as a means to bring your lawn back to peak health. For instance, hydroseeding can install a new lawn in bare prepared soil or refresh an existing lawn. Specifically, landscapers utilize a spray mechanism to release a mixture of lawn seed, mulch, fertilizers and water over the areas where you would like fresh lawn to grow. The new grass will, over a few days and, depending on your local, regional weather conditions, begin to grow in place.

Advantages Over Other Methods

Besides hydroseeding for revitalizing a lawn, the other standard method focuses on laying sod. However, several drawbacks tend to happen with this type of lawn repair. First, a landscape company must bring the sod in, and it has a specific shelf life before the roots die and it becomes unusable, so this method needs quick installation. Next, the weight of sod requires large trucks to bring it to your home and a team of workers to install it for you. In addition, the installed sod then needs careful watering to ensure the roots take hold properly. One day of inappropriate watering can mean the sod dies, and you must begin the process again. Finally, laying sod often costs considerably more than hydroseeding, providing a significant disadvantage for many homeowners.

Because of these reasons, homeowners who want a fresh lawn often turn to residential hydroseeding for the easy answer for a beautiful new lawn.