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What Are 3 Types of Landscaping Stones?

March 6, 2022 | Comments Off on What Are 3 Types of Landscaping Stones?

When you think of landscaping, you might first consider the different types of plants you would like to include in your home garden spaces. However, it pays to spend a bit of time planning for the hard surfaces that supply the structure and backbone to the garden. These spaces typically get installed before the plants. Stones offer flat sites for outdoor furniture and create excellent raised garden beds, edgings for garden birms and easy care pathways. Consequently, learning about three popular landscape stones can give you the information you need to make appropriate selections to highlight and improve your outdoor garden living rooms.

1. Small Stones

Gravel, fragments of rocks, functions as the most often-used small stone in the garden setting. Some different types of gravel include pea gravel, crushed stone and shore gravel. This small stone gets utilized in garden path construction, and landscapers can also work it into heavy clay garden soils to improve drainage. For example, pea gravel provides a relatively dry footpath even in rainy weather because the rainwater drains through the rocks, leaving the top surface more dry. In addition, stones larger than gravel but smaller than large rocks work well for edging garden beds to help keep the soil inside the beds and for decoration.

2. Large Stones

Large stones offer natural focal points in the garden. You can select rock that occurs locally in your region and choose stones based on their sizes and colors. Additionally, large and small stones have their place in landscaping, and stonework Memphis TN service professionals, for example, can offer advice on selecting the best choices to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Larger rocks, including flagstones and wall stones, get used in creating the garden’s hard surfaces. 

3. Landscaping Concrete

Concrete, made partly from stone, delivers many garden uses. Pathways, stairs and walls often utilize concrete in their construction. Outdoor kitchen areas require concrete when installing fireplaces and ovens, and fencing benefits from concrete to hold posts in place.

Understanding your options in landscape stones can significantly improve the function and appearance of your next landscape project.