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Using mirrors to create more space

December 11, 2014 | Comments Off on Using mirrors to create more space

With property prices on the up, many people are being left with no alternative but to choose homes that may be a little more compact than they had first hoped. However as the saying goes, good things come in small packages and with a little bit of clever interior design you can take your cosy abode from small to spacious effortlessly.

One of the most surprising tricks employed by interior designers is the use of mirrors in a home to create space. Although most homes do already feature mirrors here and there, many home owners significantly underestimate the power of a mirror when it is strategically placed in a room.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Most of us would automatically hang a mirror on the wall, and although this isn’t necessarily wrong, it can pay dividends to think outside the box in a particularly small space. Bijou apartments work well with one or two big statement accessories, so why not have an oversized ornate mirror leant against a wall to reflect a stunning chandelier and create a sense of grandeur? If your style is more minimalist, opt for a large thin upright mirror grouped with some key stylish pieces such as a sleek designer armchair and a nest of tables.

Trip the light fantastic

Rooms that are frequently used in lower lighting such as dining rooms or living rooms benefit hugely from having mirrors in them, particularly when placed opposite a door or a window as the glass will reflect all available light creating a warm, ambient atmosphere.

Let’s get cooking

Perhaps one of the most neglected rooms when it comes to the use of mirrors is the kitchen, yet they can prove to be very effective here. The areas at the back of the hob and under the cupboards are typically the darkest in a kitchen, and by using mirrored tiles at little expense you can reflect back all available light plus provide a unique, eye catching backdrop to your work surfaces.

More is more

When it comes to buying mirrors, there is no doubt that a large mirror will be fairly costly and if budget is an issue why not hang several smaller mirrors altogether? You will achieve the same overall effect with large reflections, and create an interesting wall feature to boot. You can buy uniformed tiles to create a modern shape on your wall, or embrace an eclectic look with different sizes and frame styles.

Knock me sideways

Just because a mirror is labelled as an upright doesn’t mean it has to be used that way. We recommend taking a floor length skinny mirror and hanging it on its side to instantly give the illusion of a longer room. This look is perfect for bathrooms and hallways as it is both practical and pretty without cluttering up valuable floor space or inviting grubby finger marks.

Whatever your personal style or living space situation, there will be a mirror solution to suit you, so why not invest in one of the best kept interior design secrets today.

Mirrorfit provides a professional and comprehensive service – from cutting, polishing or bevelling your order to your exact requirements, to securely packaging it up and delivering it, usually within 5 days, straight to your front door wherever you are in the UK.