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Understanding the Benefits of Expired Real Estate Listing Leads

October 13, 2022 | Comments Off on Understanding the Benefits of Expired Real Estate Listing Leads

Expired real estate listing leads are great marketing leads for agents. These leads are an excellent way to approach a dead listing owner and get their attention. They are also a perfect opportunity to use aggressive marketing strategies without seeming pushy. Knowing how to use a combination of push and pull tactics when approaching expired real estate listing leads is essential.


Prospecting For Expired Real Estate Listings

When it comes to prospecting for expired real estate listing leads, there are a few strategies you should know about. The fastest way to get expired listing leads is by calling them directly. However, reaching out to them through multiple avenues is also beneficial. For example, if a homeowner knows you specialize in expired homes, they will likely trust your opinion. Another effective strategy is to use social media. Be sure to create a compelling ad, speak to the frustrations of the expired listing lead, and make sure it’s visually attractive. This strategy has stellar conversion rates. On average, you can land one listing from every 25 sellers you contact. That means you can close up to 250 real estate transactions with this technique per year. Not only is this technique easy to implement, but it also costs little or no money upfront. Prospecting for expired real estate listing leads is an excellent option for busy real estate agents who want to focus more on listing prospects and less on converting buyer leads.


Characteristics Of An Excellent Expired Listing Lead

Expired real estate listing leads are a valuable asset for real estate agents. These leads often require less marketing, but they have certain features that make them highly valuable. Knowing how to utilize these leads is crucial to success. If you’re a real estate agent looking to grow your business, consider buying expired listings.

An expired listing lead can be valuable if it has these three qualities. First, it should be clear that the lead is no longer a real estate listing. It should have a good close time and be accompanied by a good marketing strategy. It should include references and community statistics that could interest potential buyers. It should also include a message that addresses the needs of the seller. This can include addressing issues a previous listing had, such as poor interior images and lack of marketing. Secondly, a good expired listing lead can be contacted directly by phone or email. If the owner doesn’t respond to phone calls or emails, consider sending a letter to them. If the listing is not in your area, write a letter on professional letterhead and focus on the seller’s specific needs.


Value Of A Good Expired Listing Lead

The value of a good expired real estate listing lead depends on your ability to follow up with the lead. You can use social media, local ads, and even a free market report to connect with potential homeowners. You should also clearly outline your marketing plan to get more showings. Prospecting for expired listings can have a very high conversion rate. You can score one listing out of every 25 sellers you contact. This means you can generate 250 expired listings per year with just a tiny amount of time and energy. In addition, it is a low-cost process requiring little to no upfront cash. Prospecting for expired listings is one of real estate agents’ most lucrative lead-generation strategies.


Methods Of Contacting Expired Real Estate Listing Leads

You’ve probably come across expired real estate listing leads if you’re selling real estate. This kind of leadership can be difficult to contact, but you can always try to connect personally with the owner. You can try this by calling them on the phone or emailing them. It might take a few days to get through to the owner, so you must make a personal connection with them. Another way of contacting expired real estate listing leads is by sending out drip emails to them. A drip marketing campaign aims to move expired listing leads further along the sales funnel. 


Getting A Good Expired Listing Lead

When writing an expired real estate listing letter, it is important to personalize it for the specific listing. The letter should contain unique features, a narrative about the home, and details about the seller’s needs. In addition, it should offer fresh marketing ideas. When writing an expired listing letter, include a free market report that the expired listing owner can access for their listing. An excellent expired listing letter will also include an invitation to set up an appointment. First, you should know that expired real estate listings aren’t necessarily easy to find. You will have to do a bit of cold calling to find them. Unfortunately, cold calling isn’t always the most enjoyable experience, and expired real estate listing leads are no exception. This is because these people are often frustrated. After all, their house didn’t sell, and they were exhausted.