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Two tips for inspiration

April 29, 2017 | Comments Off on Two tips for inspiration

Photography tips comes in all varieties that deal with the technology involved and how to use the latest cameras and equipment, but photography is art, and in order for art to be pleasing to a viewer, it follows some definite rules. In the eyes of a laymen, these are things in which all of the works of art that they personally like have in common, but to an artist, the things that these viewers admire in whatever works of art they like are often very definite artistic elements that the artist included in their work to evoke the response the viewer is having. Just as great writers and singers include literary devices to portray drama, ethos and other passions in the reader or listener because they have mastered the technique, photographers have to do the same thing to create successful photography. So it is in this vain that we offer only two tips.

1. The first is to learn art and the elements involved in producing great art. So if a prospective person would like to learn photography, they should first learn the element of art, and then they will be able to will their craft to evoke responses themselves. More importantly, learning these elements will allow the potential photographer to know what constitutes a good picture versus taking pictures en masse and then selecting favorites like so many artists do.

When a prospective photographer learns these elements, an expensive camera is not necessary because the picture exists naturally, all the photographer does is record it. Expensive equipment then will only be necessary to make life easier, but it is suggested that an amateur start with inexpensive equipment and learn the craft. Then the prospective photographer should allow themselves to outgrow the technology before they move on to more expensive equipment.

2. The next is to invest in time rather than equipment. Remember, one of the most famous photographers to date is Ansel Adams, and when he created this dominating photography, he did so with none of the technology that is available today. However, modern technology has its place in art, and his photography was heavily manipulated in the processing portion of their production in the latest technology of the day, but because Adams knew the artistic elements, he could direct his actions toward rendering the portrait in the most thought provoking way. If this were not the case, all someone would have to do to be on par with this timeless talent is purchase expensive equipment.