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Two Recycled Roofing Material Options

January 19, 2022 | Comments Off on Two Recycled Roofing Material Options

Yes, the materials that you place on the roof of your home can be made of recycled goods. On top of that, there’s possibly no need for you to sacrifice many benefits of non-recycled roofing materials to get your eco-friendly fix. Here are two roofing materials that offer many other benefits on top of being recyclable.  

Recycled Metal Roofs

Metal materials, usually steel or aluminum, are recycled to make this style of roofing. On top of how eco-friendly it is to recycle, there is also an energy-efficiency benefit. The shininess of metal roofing allows it to reflect most heat. This means that the home below will be able to remain comfortably cool in hot weather and you won’t have to use up fossil fuels to produce more energy to be comfortable in your home. In addition, due to the durability of the material, metal roofing is able to last for decades. So mention recycled metal shingles when you’re searching for roofing services Shippensburg PA

Recycled Rubber Roofs

Yes, the rubber that was once used in tires or other materials can be recycled into roof shingles. Also, as rubber is an excellent insulator, it can keep your home sufficiently warm in cold weather. This can save you money and guilt when you use less energy. Rubber shingles are also much easier to repair as when one springs a leak, a sealant is all that is needed to cover a hole. Also, rubber is resistant to issues that other shingles fall prey to, such as mold, cracking and rotting. 

Yes, maybe the only benefit of choosing a recycled material over a non-recycled material is that it will allow you to sleep well at night. Yet, if you’re the kind of person that is bothered by this kind of thing, then it can really add to the comfort level your home gives you.