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Two Reasons Why Marble Makes Good Kitchen Countertops

January 8, 2022 | Comments Off on Two Reasons Why Marble Makes Good Kitchen Countertops

For most, marble seem to give your countertops that distinctive modern elegance. However, the look of the material is not the only feature to consider. Here are two traits of marble that make it an ideal choice for countertops.

It Can Be Very Durable

While marble is not completely resistant to certain damages such as scratching and staining, it is resistant to a lot of other kinds of wear and tear. It does not crack or break as easily as many other countertop materials and it is not affected by water as much as wood. It is also not affected by heat as much as some other materials. This means that not only will it not easily burn, but it stays rather cool when hot objects are used with it. This makes it ideal for a large number of baking projects. 

It Can Be Fairly Cheap

As much as marble countertops are associated with luxury, they can actually cost less than you may think. The lowest average price is around $65 to $75 per square foot. The actual cost of a piece depends on a variety of factors, including what color the background is, what style and color the ‘veins are, how thick the particular slab is cut, in what shape the slab has been cut, and how difficult the slab is to install on your countertop. These are all things that you can ask about while looking for marble countertops Naples FL

Deciding on the ideal material for your kitchen countertops can be tough, but if you spend enough time weighing the pros and cons, you’re sure to find a choice that you won’t regret. Hopefully the information in this article has helped you get further along in making that ideal choice, whether or not that ends up being marble.