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Top Steps To Take After a House Flood

April 30, 2022 | Comments Off on Top Steps To Take After a House Flood

A house flood can be an extremely stressful event, which means you need to have a plan in place. If you live in a flood area this is a crucial emergency plan, but these steps are also helpful if you end up with burst pipes that cause a flood in your home.

Turn Water Source Off

If the flood damage Brunswick is caused by burst pipes in your home, turn off the water source and electricity in your home. This prevents a further buildup of water while you move on to the next steps. When a flood is caused by excessive rain or weather conditions, you may need to leave first to stay safe.


In the event of severe weather, it’s crucial to evacuate your home. Have an emergency kit ready if you live in an area that experiences hurricanes or other natural disasters. When an evacuation order is issued, be prepared to leave to keep your family safe.

Dry Out Your Home

Once the water event is over, it’s time to dry out your home. Large fans can be used to begin this process. It takes time and you can hire experts to do this for you so it’s done properly.

Contact Insurance Company

As you begin the dry-out process, it’s time to contact your insurance company. They can come out to see what repairs will be covered.

Repair Items

Once you have a quote from your insurance company and everything is dry, it’s time to complete repairs. You may need to reinstall flooring, paint walls, remove mold, clean fabrics, replace cabinets and more. Make a list of items that need to be fixed and do them one at a time.

A flood cleanup takes time and energy but is an essential part of getting your house back to livable conditions.