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Tips for Finding a Great College Apartment

December 16, 2021 | Comments Off on Tips for Finding a Great College Apartment

College dorms are convenient: they’re often close to campus and they provide an easy way to network and meet new friends. But sometimes, you need more privacy and flexibility than a dorm can provide. In these instances, renting an apartment can be a great solution. Living off-campus can give a student more freedom while still allowing for close proximity to classes and friends.

Moving to an apartment is an exciting time. However, it can feel slightly overwhelming looking for apartments for college students Athens OH. There are many considerations when choosing a place to live: distance to campus, your budget and roommates are only a few. To help make this process easier, consider the following tips before you sign the lease for an off-campus residence.

Consider Your Budget

College students often operate on limited budgets, so it’s important to think about your financial obligations when looking for an apartment. Fully-furnished apartments are nice, but they often cost more per month than a non-furnished space. If the apartment is a bit out of your price range, consider adding a roommate (or two!) to help split the costs.

Consider Your Needs

Every student will have different needs when choosing somewhere to live. For some, amenities like a gym or a pool table are necessary. If you don’t have a vehicle, you’ll need to find an apartment close to a bus line or within walking distance of campus. Some students prefer a quiet apartment complex while others want scheduled social events. Before committing to a place to live, consider your needs and what matters most to you.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Before signing a lease, be sure to hash out all the details with the property manager or landlord. It’s important to know if you need established credit, if appliances are included or if pets are allowed. What would happen if your roommate dropped out of the lease or you couldn’t pay your rent? Make sure you come to a showing with a list of questions so you can be prepared for what comes next.

Moving to a new apartment is exciting, but it can be stressful. Asking plenty of questions and being prepared is the first step to finding the perfect off-campus college apartment.