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Three Reasons to Have Your Clogged Drain Cleaned Professionally

January 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Three Reasons to Have Your Clogged Drain Cleaned Professionally

The first time you see a drain that is stopped up, your first thought may be to try and clear the drain yourself. The first reaction is to grab a plunger, and this is not a bad idea, but if a plunger doesn’t help, you need to call a plumber to clear the drain. Attempting to do the work yourself is usually a waste of time, and at worse, you may create a bigger problem for yourself. The following are three reasons for this.

Problems using a rotor machine
These are the same machines that a professional will use to clean a drain, but when an amateur attempts to use one, the result can be damage to the property, and you can even sustain injuries. Although they can sometimes be found at local home improvement stores as rentals, they should be avoided, because there is skill in using them. It is possible that the cable can become snagged inside the pipe, and when this happened, the cable can snap. You now have to pay for a damaged machine and call a plumber to extract the broken cable in the drain line. This will be expensive. Simply call an expert plumbing naperville from the beginning, and you will avoid this type of problem.

Clearing a drain from the roof
There are times when it is not practical to clear a drain from the pipes inside the house and the drain must be cleared from the vents on the roof. Knowing when this is necessary is part of the skill set of a plumber. In addition, if you attempt to get on the roof yourself, you are taking a risk of falling. People are injured and even killed falling from their roofs every day in this country. Part of a plumber’s job is climbing ladders to do drain work from the vents on the roof. Let them do their job, so you can stay safe.

Using harmful chemicals
There are several products on the market that claim to clear a stopped drain, but these are made from harmful chemicals. Most of the time they don’t work, and all you have is a sink filled with dangerous chemicals, but the problem is still there. Plumbers do not use these chemicals, so that should tell you something right there. They use drain cleaning equipment that not only unclogs the drain, but cleans the entire drain pipe.

If your drain stops up, try a plunger, but after that, call a plumber. Anything more than a plunger and you are wasting time, money, and even putting yourself in danger.