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Three Important Things to Check in Your Home This Spring

April 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Three Important Things to Check in Your Home This Spring

When spring begins, it’s a perfect opportunity to look your home over and make any necessary repairs. Too often, homeowners become complacent, leaving important maintenance for too long. This leads to incurring costly repairs down the road, simply because you hadn’t paid attention to things that needed upkeep. You can avoid disaster by taking steps to do routine upkeep as well as watch out for larger problems before they happen. By making these necessary inspections and repairs each spring, a homeowner can make it part of an annual tradition, which increases the likelihood that they will remember this important task each year.

First, check your home heating and cooling systems to make sure that they’re working at full capacity. Some upkeep is necessary to do every year, like replacing air filters. You should also make sure to make major repairs as needed. If you need to make a major repair, find a local company that has a good reputation with your neighbors and local community. For example, if you need water heater repair Middlesex VA, choose a well-established, professional company like CC Air and Heat for your needs. In the long run, it will cost you less to make repairs before the difficulty is too out of control.

Next, check your home for any signs of insect infestation or any other pests. These problems need to be addressed immediately, as they grow exponentially over time. If possible, use humane methods to exterminate rats or mice, and put up barriers against further infestation. With many pests, it’s easier to prevent the problem than it is to safely treat it after it’s been established. If you have something truly destructive, like termites or bedbugs, act immediately to exterminate the insects. These critters can quickly destroy a home or its value.

Finally, check your landscaping to see if it’s in good shape. Make sure that storms haven’t damaged any of your trees. This is especially important if you have tall trees with heavy branches. Some homes have been destroyed by a neglected tree’s heavy branch, so don’t let that happen to use. Hire a certified arborist for the best results. Fertilize your lawn and flowers, too.

Give your home the attention it needs this spring. A little bit of effort will be worth it in the long run, and your home deserves it.