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The Need to Prepare Your Kids before Moving to a New Place

April 28, 2017 | Comments Off on The Need to Prepare Your Kids before Moving to a New Place

Don’t think that you are the only one affected by your decision to move to a new place. If it is difficult for you, imagine how difficult it is for your kids. They are too young to understand the whole situation, but they are old enough to feel sadness about the idea of leaving their friends behind.

This is why before doing anything, make sure that they totally understand the situation. Let them know about your plans for moving and explain to them the need for moving. You can’t expect them to understand the situation right away. The point is that you let them know why this has to be done.

There are kids who have kept moving from one place to another. They didn’t have the opportunity to establish friendships as they didn’t stay in one place. As they grew older, they became more isolated. They were afraid to start making friends in fear that they would leave again and have to go through the difficult process of saying goodbye once more.

Let them be angry

If kids get angry or cry when you tell them that you are moving to a new place, just let them do it. Don’t scold them or force them to get over their emotions. They didn’t choose to be in this situation. You were the one who took the decision. If they had decided, they probably would have wanted to just stay. The least that you can do is to provide emotional support in this difficult time.

Try selling the new place to them

It is understandable if they are totally devastated by the fact that you are moving. The best thing to do is to show them the new place where you are moving to. Let them know that they can have new friends in the neighbourhood. Show to them the new school where they will be studying. This might not necessarily calm them down, but they will at least feel great knowing that they have something to look forward to.

Let them prepare at their own pace

They might try dragging their heels, especially if they don’t want to move. Just let them do it. Go ahead with your own plans so you won’t be behind schedule. Ask for help from removals Evesham offers if you don’t want to be stressed out with the number of items that have to be packed. Just be there to supervise the whole process. Give your kids the task of packing their own stuff. It might take them a while but this is their coping mechanism.

For sure, they will feel better later on when you are moving to your new place. For now, just let them feel sad and tell them you are there to support them in this new chapter of your life.

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