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The Importance of a Pool Maintenance Schedule

April 14, 2020 | Comments Off on The Importance of a Pool Maintenance Schedule

Even though it might not be the most enjoyable part of owning a pool, it is incredibly important. Pool maintenance probably sounds like a collection of tasks that you don’t want to complete; however, if you want to enjoy your pool in the future, you need to make sure your pool’s maintenance is completed on time. If you overlooked important tasks, your pool might fall into a state of disrepair. This can lead to serious safety issues and lead to expensive repair bills. For this reason, it is important for you to come up with a pool maintenance schedule.

The Pool Pump

The pool pump is likely not the first piece of equipment you think about; however, it might be the most vital. Your pool’s pump keeps the water circulating throughout your pool. This means that the pump is responsible for making sure that the water is circulated evenly. This ensures the entire pool is filtered and that chemicals are distributed evenly. You need to run your pool pump for at least eight hours per day, preferably at night, to make sure that the pool is safe to use. Furthermore, you need to have your pool pump inspected at least once per year.

The Pool Heater

Your pool’s heater is your defense against cold fronts that arise throughout the year. Your pool heater processes the same water that is moved by the pump system. Therefore, the two work together. To make sure that your heater is functioning properly, you need to check the vents once per month. Look for signs of leaks or clogs. The vents should be clear to ensure the heater functions efficiently. If the vents are clogged, your pool’s heater will have the work harder to get the job done. This could drive up utility bills and shorten its lifespan. Furthermore, make sure that the professionals inspect the heater once per year. If any parts need to be replaced, look for pool and spa supplies near me.

Safety Always Comes First

Finally, you need to inspect the rest of your pool equipment at least once per month as well. This includes PVC and light fixtures, ladders, return jets, and the pool wall itself. If any problems are uncovered, they should be fixed quickly. The goal of pool maintenance is to catch issues as early as possible. The sooner they are repaired, the less expensive they will be.