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Subtle Ways to Revitalize a Room

March 18, 2020 | Comments Off on Subtle Ways to Revitalize a Room

Is there a space in your home that’s begun to feel boring or outdated? It’s easy to get carried away thinking about redesigning your interior with all the new styles, but that’s not always possible considering available time and money. If that’s the case for you, there are ways you can update any space in your home without making a drastic change or spending a lot of money.

Change the Lighting

Lighting can make or break a space in terms of style, practicality and comfort. If you’re used to only using a ceiling light, consider adding lamps or lanterns instead for a warmer and cozier atmosphere when lighting up a dark space at night. To update your room’s design, you may want to consider designer light fixtures that reflect your personal style or act as a statement piece.

Update Cabinet Hardware

For kitchens and bathrooms, the cabinet hardware is often an afterthought, but it can make a considerable difference in the overall appeal of your space. If you like your existing hardware but the color is dingy or not to your liking, you can spray paint them. Alternatively, you may want to shop for new hardware that complements your room’s design. This is a simple update that can bring your cabinets back to life.

Add or Switch Curtains

Curtains are another decorative element that is often neglected because people don’t know how to choose them or opt for blinds instead. However, they can change the entire look of a space and frame the view out your window. If you don’t like your existing curtains, choose a fresh design and a curtain length that complements your window’s shape.

Revamping your room doesn’t always have to be expensive or time-consuming. Sometimes all a space needs is a little freshening up to make it feel brand new. The next time you feel tired of your home’s interior, remember to consider updating the details first.