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Star your house participating at Miss House 2 Rent Competition sponsored by

November 27, 2020 | 2,404 Comments

Stefan Stan is the founder of the community. He saw an opportunity during the lockdown to publish a new nice WordPress content website listing ads for houses to rent or sell. Stefan discovered this opportunity to live in a share house in Birmingham. Stefan Stan. Is a specialist in advertising and you can find his portfolio in StefanStan.CC website address. The most important project for him right now is Miss House 2 Rent because he can believe making other houses looking nice for a competition people will be happier to list their houses on his new website.
The main rule for participation in the Miss House 2 Rent competition is to insert in your pictures beautiful memories of your house that remembers you about the past. It can be your front-side street view of the house, the garage, the garden, the cosy living room or your fancy kitchen, where you made your first start with lemonade. This competition is about advertising his website and it will work great for his goals to built a team of Landlords who will join in a conversation about new projects they can do together to improve the look of their neighbourhood.
You can find the competition registration form and rules of participation under this shortcut link.

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