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Sliding Door Doctor Has the Perfect Solution for Door Challenges

October 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Sliding Door Doctor Has the Perfect Solution for Door Challenges

It may be easy to overlook the importance of sliding doors in your home until they become broken or damaged. These are large doors with a huge glass component, and they are designed for easy function and to give you a beautiful view to the outside world. Both older and newer sliding doors can break or develop repair issues, and when this happens in your home, you may quickly discover first-hand just how vital these doors are to your comfort and convenience. At Sliding Door Doctor, we have the perfect solution to your door challenges.

Common Issues With Sliding Doors
A typical sliding door features a large pane of glass installed in an aluminum frame, and this is placed on a system of rollers and tracks for easy movement. Each of these various components may break in some way, and this can result in a door that feels difficult or heavy to open and close, broken glass and issues with air leaks through the door. Some of these issues may impact the aesthetic look of the door, and others may detract from the door’s functionality or have a negative impact on your comfort level inside the home.

Assistance With Rollers and Tracks
One of the many services that our team at Sliding Door Doctor can assist you with is for sliding door rollers and tracks Sydney. Our technicians can inspect the door to determine the cause of your difficult-to-open doors, and we can replace the rollers and tracks that are causing the problem for you. This is a typically fast service that can result in full use of the door with minimal cost to you.

Glass Replacement Services
Our technicians are also available to provide you with sliding door repair Sydney service for damage to the glass. Whether the glass in your door is chipped, cracked or simply leaking air through the sides, we can replace the glass quickly for you. This essentially will restore the door to prime condition for you. Issues related to aesthetics, energy efficiency and temperature control can all be resolved through the glass replacement services.

Fast, Affordable Solutions
If you have discovered a problem with your glass, tracks or rollers for sliding doors, it may have crossed your mind to simply purchase a new door and to pay a contractor for installation service. While this is one option available to you, it can be a costly, inconvenient and time-consuming option. A faster and more affordable solution is to reach out to our professionals for an efficient repair service. We can make repairs that will enable you to get the maximum life out of your sliding doors.

At Sliding Door Doctor, our specialists are eager to respond to your repair service requests quickly. We can diagnose the issue and remedy any challenges you are dealing with. You can visit our website at to learn more about why we’re the best fixer of sliding door rollers and tracks Sydney clients love!