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Signs That You Need Roofing Services

February 6, 2022 | Comments Off on Signs That You Need Roofing Services

It is always disconcerting when something goes wrong in your home without any warning. You suddenly have a leak in the basement or a light switch suddenly stops working. Fortunately, you can detect when your roof needs to be looked at and possibly serviced. These are a few signs to look for

Shingle Damage or Wetness

You want to call roofing services Belton TX if you see damage on your shingles. Look for cracked or curled shingles. Search your roof for any missing shingles. Sometimes, your shingles may look dark, wet or dirty even if you haven’t received any moisture in the last few days. This suggests that moisture is getting under your shingles. Although you may look beneath the wet tile and find nothing, remember that water flows down, so the wet spot may be either above or below the damage.

You may even find wear around roof openings or objects, such as chimneys, pipes, vents and others. Also, check your gutters for shingle granules or pieces.

If you have a drone, you can quickly and easily check your roof a few times each year. Otherwise, you can contact a roofing specialist who will do an inspection.

Staining or Leaks Inside Your Home

Damaged roofing can also be seen inside your home. For example, you may see stains or leaks on your ceiling or walls. You should also check your attic. Look for sagging roof decking or rafters, which may be caused by wetness. In addition, look for leaks in your attic after it rains hard. Also, look for light coming in from outside your attic. Look at the shingles in these areas to see if they are damaged.

Sometimes, these issues can be fixed by replacing flashing, while other times, you may need your shingles replaced. If the damage is bad enough, you may need new roof decking or rafters.

Exterior Damage


Look carefully at the paint near your roofline. If you see peeling or blistering, you may have water built up near your roofline. This may be the result of poor ventilation, high humidity or actual moisture buildup. However, check your gutters to ensure they are working properly because their failure can also cause this type of damage. 

If you see this type of damage in or outside your home, contact a reputable roofing contractor.