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Selling a Home? Tips to Get the Most Money

August 27, 2015 | Comments Off on Selling a Home? Tips to Get the Most Money

Selling your home is something you might be thinking about right now if you’re paying attention to the real estate market. After all, homes are up in many different parts of the country, and selling could help you make some real money while the market is up.

However, if you’re thinking about selling you’re going to want to get as much cash as you can. Otherwise why would you want to leave your home?

Use this guide to make sure you get as much out of your home as you possibly can. It’s worth the effort for every homeowner.

Do You Need Repairs?

Before you can put a home on the market you need to make sure it is in good shape if you want to get top dollar for it. While you can certainly sell a home that needs repairs, you’ll need to knock that cost off the sale price so the homeowner can fix it on their own.

However, knocking money off the sale price isn’t the worst part. The problem is that you’ll get less money for a home that needs repairs because it won’t be seen as such a good value by the owner. Their real estate agent will likely encourage them to make a lower offer as well.

Take care of repairs before you sell to get as much as you can if you can afford to make the repair. You’ll get it back and then some when you sell your near perfect home for top market value.

What About Upgrades?

Selling your home for top dollar may also require you to make some upgrades, especially if you’ve been in your home a long time. In many cases, putting money into the kitchen or outside of the house is ideal, and you’ll likely get back more than you put in by a lot.

Check neighbor’s homes and see what other houses in the area are like. You don’t want to be selling something so much different or what might be considered inferior.

Who Is Selling Your Home?

When it comes time to actively sell your home you need somebody skilled on your side. Choose a reputable realtor in your area, but look for a reputable group like Realty ONE Group, whose chairman Kuba Jewgieniew has been in the news.

You want somebody selling your home who is at the top of their game.