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Rubber Mulch: A Landscaping Revolution

December 3, 2014 | Comments Off on Rubber Mulch: A Landscaping Revolution

As the weather around us grows increasingly unpredictable by the second, and the economy seemingly trying to keep pace, landscaping using traditional techniques has become ever more difficult. On one hand, the seasons are less uniform (for instance it was 71 degrees yesterday where I live, which has since plummeted to a considerably less balmy 25), and on the other, we’re all having to cut back on our hobbies and necessities in one way or another. So for both the professional landscape artist, as well as the “Sunday ‘Scaper,” it’s not as easy to accomplish landscaping projects anymore, which ultimately takes all the joy out of it (cue the Price Is Right ‘losing’ horn…Now!).

This, of course, is a problem. But problems are a lot like chemistry labs: They all have solutions. In this case, enter rubber mulch. Oh yeah, I heard that “Uh, what?” scamper through your head, so let me get into the down and (not so) dirty of it. If you’ve ever done any landscaping in the very slightest, you know what mulch is, and more than likely have a pretty good idea of its purpose. That being said, there are some pretty big drawbacks to traditional wooden mulch. It splinters, it gets muddy, and it freezes. Need more? Pest and bugs go in, weeds come out, it decomposes, and most of all, you have to replenish the whole thing every year. Over time, that cost adds up significantly. The upside of wooden mulch? Umm, getting to see your buddies at the Lawn and Garden department of your home and gardening store of choice? Counting it as “working out” whenever you have to lug the giant, imminently tearing bags around (at least when your wife asks)? Yeah, there’s not very much upside, especially when you consider all of the benefits found with rubber mulch!

I say that rubber mulch is “revolutionary” because it really is. Rubber mulch actually allows water to drain instead of retaining every last drop, which means no more frozen and muddy surfaces. It doesn’t splinter or poke you, and it’s resistant to bugs, mold, and any other kind of pest (except for your annoying neighbor. Hey I said revolutionary, not “magical”). Rubber mulch reduces costs, while also reducing your carbon footprint, because rubber mulch doesn’t need replacing every year. How long does it last? Try twelve years. Plus, it’s made with 98.5% recycled materials, and even counts to those ever so coveted LEED credits. What’s more, it keeps those pesky weeds out! So no matter how hot it gets in December, or how snowy your June is becoming, rubber mulch not only lasts the test of time, but still holds up under the most brutal of conditions.

Wherever you live, you now have the opportunity to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of when it comes to landscaping, because with rubber mulch, the possibilities truly are endless. When you think about it, what more could you really ask for?