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Removing a Garage Door

October 24, 2015 | Comments Off on Removing a Garage Door

Removing a garage door can be a tricky process, with copious amount of panels and bolts to take off. However, specialists Dencroft Garages have been providing this service, along with building bespoke concrete garages across the whole of the UK.

Since Dencroft’s inception, we have been removing and installing garage doors and have seen designs change, features such as electronic opening and closing fitted, as well as safety close mechanisms installed. Yet through all of those innovations, the removal and installation process principles remain the same. For electronic or manual garage doors, there are similar safety considerations that apply, and techniques that follow a comparable step by step guide.

We employ some of the leading specialists in Garage Door builds and use some of the best equipment from suppliers Garador. Because of this we have developed a six step process that alleviates any problems and uninstalls the garage door successfully:

Step 1: When removing any product, it is vitally important to be wearing the correct safety gear and to move any obstructing objects that could create difficulty. For removing a garage door, it will be far easier to move, if applicable, a car further down the drive to give you working space, as well as clearing any storage or items that may be close to the door. You will require a step ladder to do the work, so that should determine how much space you will need.

Step 2: After making space, you then need to relieve the tension in the torsion spring (which is located on the back of the garage). First, clamp adjustable pliers on the spring shaft and wedge the pliers against a header wall. When these are firmly secure, move on to step three.

Step 3: Next insert a steel rod into one of the spring winding cone holes. Whilst the rod is in the hole and holding the rod firmly, loosen the screws which hold the winding cone in place. Using the steel rods, you should be able to turn the spring about a quarter of a turn each time, doing this until the coil is extremely loose.

Step 4: When you are happy that the tension has been fully released, take off the garage door opener from the current garage door. This should be a simple process. Remember to keep the screws in a box as you will need them to connect the new door later.

Step 5: Once the opener has been removed, you can start dismantling the door panel by panel. Starting at the top, remove the hinges connected to the panel. Repeat this until all the panels have been taken out of the door. At this point you may well need the help of a friend or work colleague to hold the lower part of the door together whilst you separate the upper connections.

Step 6: When all the panels have been removed, disconnect the track from the door frame by unscrewing or unbolting. At this point you should now be left with an open space, and no guides or controls connected to the garage door frame.

Our six step guide is comprehensive and simple to follow, however if you do require someone to remove the concrete garage door for you, contact Dencroft Garages on 0800 1182547 to arrange this service.

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