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Remodeling Your Basement

October 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Remodeling Your Basement

If you are considering basement remodeling Northern VA areas of Hamilton, Fairfax, Reston, Centreville, McLean, Loudoun County, or surrounding cities, turn to a well-experienced company to accomplish your custom project. That remodeling will not only give you an additional useful room in your home but will also add value to your property once you bring that dream to life.

What would you and your family like to see that would enhance that empty basement space and give a lot of enjoyment? Perhaps an entertainment center, an extra bedroom, a children’s playroom that is fun and safe, a home theater, an exercise room, a game or theater room, a wine cellar, a home office, a man cave or a lady’s retreat, or a studio for your hobbies or arts or music practice?

The possibilities for the basement remodeling project are endless and are only as limited as your imagination and creative abilities along with the aid of a properly certified and extremely knowledgeable construction company that specializes in this type of addition. Make sure it is also one that is familiar with all of the local zoning laws and building code restrictions so you can be assured that everything will be code compliant and long lasting.

You also want to deal with professionals who can install the new plumbing and electrical, the lighting, the flooring or carpeting, the proper drains and sump pumps needed to keep the area dry and sealed against water seepage, the painting, and use high-quality materials for all the features.

Even an experienced “weekend warrior” or a normally-competent “DIYer” would find such a large remodeling project daunting and beyond normal knowledge and expeience, and it is indeed a job for professionals.

Contact the well-experienced Total Construction Company to discuss your affordable remodeling and renovation project in Northern Virginia. They work with architects and designers to squeeze every inch of space from your sub-terrain area. You will also gets lots of ideas from browsing through their home remodeling portfolio and thus see for yourself other projects of any scope that they have inspired and completed.

The Total Construction Company will pay careful and serious attention to your budget, taste, and desires so that you will get the perfect custom basement quality remodeling job that you and your family will love and participate in for many years.