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Redesigning your Garden – How to Increase your Property Value

June 15, 2020 | Comments Off on Redesigning your Garden – How to Increase your Property Value

The garden is an often overlooked but vital part of any home. Your garden can be the make or break to potential buyers – a gorgeous yard can make buyers swoon, but one that’s poorly taken care of can put buyers off a house that they may otherwise adore. Think about it: on a hot day, where are you going to be? In the garden, possibly inviting friends around or relaxing on your own. Either way, it’s got to look good – so here are our top tips on redesigning your garden to look fresh and increasing your property value while you’re at it.

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Freshen Up

The easiest and brightest way to turn your garden around is to add some plants! They can take a lot of care, but plants (particularly flowers) can add a splash of color and freshness to your garden. Flowers not only look good, but are guaranteed to make you feel good too – gardening has been known to reduce a variety of health problems such as the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and the risk of depression. More information on the benefits of gardening and the top flowers for your garden can be found at

Add Some Furniture

A garden isn’t just to be looked at – it’s to be enjoyed by the whole family! Adding furniture will make the most out of your garden and not only allows you to make your garden look classy but means you can spend time in it with the utmost comfort. The best bit about adding furniture to your garden is that there’s no such thing as too much – whatever you add will only increase its value to someone, help buyers visualize their own lives in your property, and make it more homely for you. This is especially great if you’re selling to families – having furniture for children, outside toys, a playhouse, or similar items can help parents see their kids out in your garden having fun. Before you know it, they’ve made a connection to your property, not only on an aesthetic level, but an emotional level too, and your house is gone in no time!

Make it Personal

The best thing about a garden is that you can make it personal to you. Avid gardener? Grow an abundance of flowers, maybe even an orchard! Socialite? Add barbecues, a deck with comfy furniture, perhaps even some lights! Introvert? Add a little hideaway behind some trees, for the ultimate peaceful retreat. Whoever you are, your garden can be completely personal to you, and there’s a design out there for almost anyone. Planted Well has 100 of the most creative designs for your garden ever, meaning you can select the one that suits you best or even mix and match to find the perfect setting for you. If you’re a house flipper, this goes for you too – just think about what sort of buyers will be attracted to your property and area, and work from that.

Redesigning your garden is worth every penny in improving your house’s financial and aesthetic value.