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Property renovation ideas to boost your enjoyment of your home and its value

December 15, 2020 | Comments Off on Property renovation ideas to boost your enjoyment of your home and its value

They say that home is where the heart is, and with all the time we’re spending there these days, now is a great chance to start thinking about how we can upgrade it. Doing a spot of renovation is a fantastic way to make sure you’re getting the maximum enjoyment from your property and turn it into a place that both reflects your personality and fits your needs. Plus, it can also add considerable value to your property, which is always a welcome bonus even if you have no intention of selling it any time soon.

Here are some ideas for projects that will breathe new life into your home and make it an even more enjoyable place to spend your time.

Upgrade your kitchen

Whether it’s cooking meals, having family dinners, hanging out with friends, or helping the kids with their homework at the dining table, the kitchen is very often the heart of a home. As such, it’s one of the most important rooms to get right. Luckily there are lots of possibilities to choose from when it comes to renovating a kitchen, such as rustic country themes that evoke farmhouse living, and sleek and sophisticated modern spaces filled with the latest gadgets.

You don’t actually have to have a complete renovation in order to brighten up your kitchen. Switching up the countertops, having a kitchen island put in, or even just changing the color scheme can make a big difference. It’s also a great chance to treat yourself to new kitchen equipment, like a fancy new smoothie maker or coffee machine, especially if you’re currently working from home!

Redo your bathroom

Although often overlooked because we don’t spend so much time in it, the bathroom is also a prime candidate for a value-adding upgrade. If you’ve got the space and budget for it, there are a wealth of luxurious improvements you can make. For example, you could have a striking freestanding bath as a focal point, a double sink for convenience in shared spaces, or a large walk-in shower with a rain head for ultimate indulgence.

Even small spaces can benefit from small decor changes. Using a minimalist color scheme can give off the feel of a sophisticated hotel bathroom, whilst the addition of houseplants and scented candles can bring a touch of the spa into your home. Mirrors are also a cheap way to make a room feel bigger – or for a little extra investment, you can get one that doesn’t fog up, has motion sensor activated lights, or even Bluetooth speakers!

Install insulation

For a more practical upgrade to your property, having some professional insulation put in is a smart choice. Many houses, particularly older ones, are surprisingly inefficient when it comes to conserving heat, which leads to higher energy bills, a less comfortable living experience, and a larger carbon footprint.

As such, by getting wall and attic insulation, you can not only feel more cozy in your home, but you can also save money and help the environment. Plus, when it comes time to sell, your property will have improved value, too, meaning it’s well worth making the investment! There are lots of different options to choose from, so have a chat with the professionals to see what they recommend.

Convert your attic

Speaking of attics, in addition to adding insulation, you could consider doing a complete conversion of the loft. This is a great way to add some extra room to your property, as in many homes, the attic is literally just wasted space. There are so many possibilities for the room, too, whether you want a luxury master bedroom, a playroom for the kids, a peaceful home office, or an art studio.

Skylights can help ensure the room is flooded with natural light, and even small lofts can be transformed into practical spaces. Plus, there’s often a chance to work with the attic’s existing sloped architecture to create a room that’s full of character and charm. The best part is, you get to boost the space available inside your home without having to lose any from the garden – a definite win-win situation!

Add a conservatory

If your attic isn’t suitable for conversion and you have plenty of outdoor space to utilize, adding a conservatory can be a fantastic alternative. Just like with an attic conversion, you have a whole bunch of themes and purposes to choose from when it comes to the space. Popular ideas include using your conservatory as a living room, dining room, children’s playroom, studio, or home office.

They are an effective way to bring a lot of natural light into your home and also break down the barrier between house and garden to add a touch of nature to the interior. This is more important than you might think, as studies have shown that spending time in nature can increase our creativity and productivity. It also boosts our mood and feelings of well-being, reducing stress, and enabling us to relax more easily.


For those who are working with a smaller budget, don’t worry! Big renovations are not the only way to increase the value of your home or make you feel happier with it. Simple things like refreshing the color scheme in your living room or bedroom, replacing an old couch or bed, or treating yourself to a new kitchen appliance or two can make all the difference. Similarly, revitalizing the decor of a room, for example, through new cushions, pillows, throws, rugs, and other such items, can also have a big impact.

When redecorating, choose your colors carefully according to both your personal preference and the style and purpose of the room. For instance, yellow can be a great choice for kitchens because it’s bright and sunny, while blue or green is ideal for a home office because these colors promote creativity, productivity, and a feeling of calm. Finally, adding personal touches, such as photographs and mementos from vacations, is always an effective way to bring cheer to any space!