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Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Now

December 10, 2020 | Comments Off on Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Now

If you’re only going to renovate one room in your property, make it the kitchen. As well as enhancing your living environment and upgrading your interior design, a kitchen remodel can add value to your home too. With so many benefits associated with revamping your kitchen, it should be the next project on your list. To get started right away, take a look at these top tips for planning your perfect kitchen remodel:

1. Consider Changing the Structure

If you’re going to modify the structure of your kitchen, this is likely to be the biggest element of your remodel. Perhaps you want to increase square footage by adding an extension or maybe you want to knock down an internal wall to create an open plan kitchen dining area? Making changes to your property rather than simply altering the aesthetics can be an effective way to enhance the flow through your home and create a more functional space to enjoy.

2. Plan the Layout

Once you know how much space you’ve got to work with, you can begin choosing the layout for your new kitchen. Altering the layout can help to make the area more user-friendly, so consider where you want to position appliances. Galley, L-shaped, and island layouts are all popular options but there are other styles to consider. The layout will determine how you use your kitchen and how comfortable you find it, so be sure to take your time and find the perfect layout for your property.

3. Incorporate Plumbing, Heating, and Power

When you know where your appliances will be going, you’ll be able to incorporate plumbing, heating, and power. If you’re moving a dishwasher from one side of the room to another, for example, the plumbing will need to be modified to facilitate this. Similarly, additional power outlets can be installed to improve the flexibility and functionality of your kitchen.

4. Choose Your Kitchen Style

Arguably the most exciting part of a remodel is choosing your new style of kitchen. Take a look at the materials, colors, and designs out there to get an idea of what’s possible. With quartz counters, for example, you can create a stunning visual and enjoy no-maintenance kitchen worksurfaces. What’s more – when you source your top-quality quartz counters from World Stone Group, you can arrange for professional installers to fit them in your new kitchen.

5. Plan the Décor

When you’ve chosen the theme for your kitchen and made some initial decisions regarding the style, you can begin to plan the décor. This can include flooring, paint, and window fittings, as well as small appliances and lighting, so there’s lots to consider. Find inspiration in look-books and work with designers to help you create the ideal environment for your home.

Project Managing Your Remodel

If you’re going to be managing your own remodel, it’s vital to have a clear schedule. Whether you’re undertaking some of the work yourself or relying on professionals from start to finish, a pre-agreed schedule will help to keep your project on track and ensure you can start enjoying your new kitchen sooner than you think!