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Packing For a Multi-Day Festival

May 30, 2020 | Comments Off on Packing For a Multi-Day Festival

Purchasing tickets to a musical festival or other sorts of multi-day festival can be a fun way to spend a few days while enjoying something that you love. Being prepared for all contingencies will make your trip a positive experience and leave you excited to do it again. Here are a few things to get you ready.

Washing Up

While the venue will provide festival restroom trailers for those attending the event to use, you will want to have something on hand to clean up with when the lines for the showers are too long. Bringing wipes or a washcloth, bottled water, and soap can help you wipe down when it is convenient for you. They can also scrub up any tools that you need to use to cook with or to wipe up a spill or stain on your clothes or shoes.

Dress For the Weather

The weather might say that the time you will be at your festival will be warm and sunny but it can change at any time. Pack clothes that will keep you cool and ones that are warm in the event the night becomes cool. Bring a hat to shelter you from the sun and sunscreen to prevent you from getting burnt. You will also want an umbrella or poncho to cover up with in case it rains.

Packing Your Belongings

When you prepare your things to go, choose baggage that will be easy to carry to the campsite. Keep in mind that you might also have a cooler, a tent, or a backpack to haul with you. You will also be going to a place that might get muddy quickly and will be filled with other people. You will want to consider using a backpack that you are content with getting dirty. This will keep your hands open to hold other items that you will need.