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Nanex Develops Waterproof Clear Coating

April 18, 2014 | Comments Off on Nanex Develops Waterproof Clear Coating

Nanex Always Dry waterproof spray may be directly applied to virtually any surface of wood, and fabrics.

The process involves a simple one-step procedure of spraying the desired surface you wish to protect from moisture and water intrusion. After the waterproofing spray coating dries up, any water that comes in contact with the treated surface will become actively beaded and repelled. It simply rolls off and practically never touches the treated surface.

Always Dry spray maintains the quality of the surfaces on which it is applied while some products often lead to discoloration or a formation of white film residues. In addition to all those benefits, Always Dry can be purchased at affordable retail price rates.

Contact us for more information on our unique product. Our customer service is always available and is easily accessible via our contact page.