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Must-Have Qualities for an Effective Call Center Staff

September 2, 2015 | Comments Off on Must-Have Qualities for an Effective Call Center Staff

Anyone who owns a business knows the importance of maintaining a high-level of customer service. Excellent customer service provided on a consistent basis can earn a business a reputation for being customer-friendly. Not surprisingly, this can result in more sales. One way that a business owner can provide first-rate customer service is by having a team of professionals manning the call center. So, when orders arrive or customers have questions about orders, these matters can be handled with prompt efficiency. Discover some fundamental qualities of an effective call center staff.

A Professional Manner

Staff members in a call center are representatives of a person’s business. This means they must be courteous and polite with callers at all times. When a customer calls with an issue such as a delayed shipment or a return, call center staff members should be happy to help. It’s the responsibility of a call center staff to leave each caller with a positive impression of the business.

Fast, Efficient Service

Every member of a call center staff must be knowledgeable about the company they represent. This enables them to offer helpful answers to questions. In addition, knowledgeable call center staff members know how to resolve any issues that arise regarding an order. Customers appreciate call center staff members who listen carefully and respond with satisfactory solutions. In fact, even if a customer has an issue with a product or a shipment, he or she is more likely to do business with a company again based on an impressive level service. Most customers like to feel that a business has respect for their time as well as their money.


Staff members working in a call center on behalf of a business should be accessible in the evenings and on the weekends. There are many people who work non-traditional hours making it difficult for them to contact a call center during regular business hours. These customers and others find it helpful to be able to get their issues addressed right away instead of having to wait for the next business day. A business owner who wants a call center staff that works on the evenings and weekends may want to try a resource such as call center plus services.

Expressing Gratitude for a Customer’s Business

One of the most important qualities of an effective call center staff member is the ability to express genuine gratitude to customers. Thanking a caller for his or her business should play a part in every call that arrives at the call center. Whether the caller has been doing business with the company for a dozen years or is a first time customer, a representative must let the person know that he or she is appreciated.

Finally, an effective call center staff recognizes that every call should be handled with the same diligent service. Every caller must be treated like a longtime, valued customer.