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Make a Statement with a Striking Animal Skin Rug

November 25, 2015 | Comments Off on Make a Statement with a Striking Animal Skin Rug

Sheepskin is in this Fall

Fall is in the air. The leaves are turning and the cider is brewing. The smell of cinnamon is wafting through the streets. While the seasons are changing, now is the time to change your decor. While paint and polish might spruce things right up, what you really need is a touch of warmth to ward off the chill of autumn. If you are looking to add some coziness to your home this fall, try something bold, like adding a rug. Of course, no ordinary rug brings more warmth to a cozy fire-side setting than a beautiful sheepskin rug. Bringing the natural elements indoors with classic wool has never been more tasteful. With a variety of colors and shades to choose from, no two sheepskin rugs are the same. Each sheepskin you choose brings its own unique texture and warmth to a room . So, even the most envious of flat mates can’t replicate your exact style, and believe me, they will want to.

Made from quality sheep skins with the softest, plushiest wool, sheepskins are warm and inviting
. Versatility becomes them. The single sheep skins are perfect for snuggling up with next to a fire. Place them on the floor in the nursery as a soft place for the little one to play. Add dimension to your designs by turning them into a throw for a settee, couch or chair. Take it one step further and use it as a chair or stool cover. You can even use the sheepskin as a new/old take on a hanging tapestry. If you need to cover a larger area, sheepskins are also are available in “doubles” or “quads.” Double sheepskin rugs are sewn together at their ends to create a longer unit that would be great for an end-of-bed cover or even a hall or stair runner. Quads are four single sheepskins sewn together in a square. They are a perfect solution for anyone who might want a larger area of their floor covered. They also are a great full bed cover or blanket alternative.

If you like a more sleek natural look, the Berber sheepskin rug could be perfect for you. Using the same high quality wool, the sheepskin is woven into a beautiful Moroccan rug that is both durable and timeless. The natural plush fibers of the wool create a warm and inviting surface with a simple elegant design. Modern and tasteful, the Berber sheepskin rug brings a touch of natural warmth to any setting.

If your home is modern and rugged or sleek and sophisticated, sheepskin is for you. These skins bring warmth and texture from the natural world in-doors in functional, beautiful pieces. The best part about these pieces is, they can actually be machine washed. So, there you have it: comfortable, durable, practical, stylish, affordable…sheepskins are everything you could possibly want in a decor piece and then some.