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Looking for a Home in Tennessee

May 22, 2014 | Comments Off on Looking for a Home in Tennessee

If you are looking for a house in Tennessee, you are in luck! Let’s look at a few cities in Tennessee and see what we can find.

Homes in Memphis, Tennessee’s largest city, are a bargain, the median sales price for homes there averaging a mere $70,547. With the local unemployment rate dropping and an average commute time for people who live in Memphis being a short twenty one minutes, no wonder the houses here are selling fast, 20 days faster than the national average.

Now Nashville, the music city, is another beast entirely. Industry often shows the heart of a city, and you would think that the “Music City” would have as its largest employer the music industry. You’d be wrong. There are over 200,000 jobs in the Nashville area in the health care sector. So if you work in any area of the health care industry, they likely have a place for you in Nashville, and with housing prices for a single family home averaging $168,000, and some of the finest higher education institutions in the nation, you would be hard pressed to find a nicer, more friendly place to move to in Tennessee.

Knoxville, Tennessee, a city of approximately 180,000 people, has great growth potential, as it is home to the Tennessee Valley Authority, the nations’ largest power provider, as well as Scripps Networks, a large media conglomerate that runs and operates HGTV, the Food Network and Great American Country, among others. And with home prices sitting at an average of $100,000 total, and apartments dirt cheap, you can’t get much better than Knoxville. For more info go to this website.

There are a great many other fine cities you could find your Tennessee home in. Whether you want the small town charm of someplace like Powell (birthplace of Kenny Chesney) or the booming city life of Franklin, which has tripled its population in the last quarter century, there is a home for you in Tennessee.