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Loft Conversions

March 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Loft Conversions

We all see loft conversions wherever we go. They remind us of what is possible to do with your home when you own it. This can be a very good thing if you care about your home and make sure that it is absolutely perfect.

There are a few reasons home owners these days opt for loft conversions:

More space
Who couldn’t use some extra space for a home office or just another room for another child? These days it is difficult to have a large home unless you choose to convert your loft into usable space. Many towns and cities are so crowded these days and the prices are so high that having a usable loft conversion is the way to go.

Increase the value of your home
If you are planning to sell your house any time soon now might be the right time to convert your loft into a place where somebody could live. It is proven that loft conversions make a positive impression on potential buyers and further increase the value of properties. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your property any time soon, you might want to do it in the future anyway so why not do it right now when there is a lot to gain from this sort of action.

No building permissions required
While you will always need a building permission for an extension at the back, front or side of the house, loft extensions do not require that sort of permission unless for some reason it is really required. Make sure that before you are excited about converting your loft that you check your local authority for the rules.

Zero maintenance rules
Finally, loft conversions are very easy to maintain. They become part of your house and the only effort you will need to put into them is to make sure that you clean it regularly. You might need to spend an additional amount of money on heating or cooling, but this is nothing compared to how much you can gain from improved privacy resulting from having a loft conversion that you have in your home.