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Little Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

May 29, 2020 | Comments Off on Little Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe plays a pretty significant part in how you feel on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the air quality in your home is not always as clean and clear as you’d expect. Pollutants, toxins, and microscopic dust particles can easily be present and cause irritation. While it might be surprising to learn, there are a number of easy ways to go about improving your home’s air quality. Take a look at these simple suggestions and discover the best way to get started on this endeavor.

Routinely Clean the Floors and Carpets

Dust is a mixture of dead skin cells, hair, and other small particles that float through the air and collect on surfaces. More often than not, the dust ends up on the floor. If you want to improve the air quality of your space, you first need to focus on the floor. Regularly cleaning the floors and carpets by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping helps to diminish the levels of dust and other irritants in your house. The less dust collecting on the floor, the less you breathe in when you kick it up while moving around.

Focus on Filtration

Another excellent way to boost the quality of air in your home is through your HVAC system. The filters that you use in your unit will make a big difference. Conduct research and get a better feel for how options like air sentry breathers North Carolina can assist you with your goals. Not only do you need quality filters, you need to make a habit out of changing them every now and again. Most filters should be swapped out every three months, but this can vary depending on the unit and filter type.

Add a Touch of Greenery

Most people know that plants help to produce oxygen. What’s less understood is that indoor plants can actually be used to improve air quality. By adding a few plants to your home, you can can increase the quality of the air and benefit in a few significant ways. Studies show that indoor plants can improve a person’s mood, meaning this kind of investment will also help to keep the emotional climate in your house stable. If you have pets, stay mindful of which plants might be dangerous to animals and vice versa.

While you only have so much control over the air you breathe, your home can be a perfect place to focus your attention. Look over your options and discover the most practical way to encourage better, cleaner air inside your space.