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Lighting A Fire

April 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Lighting A Fire

A fireplace is an ideal way to keep the home warm and cozy without spending a lot of money. You can have an electric fireplace if you don’t have a chimney and don’t want to build one in the home or install a fireplace that uses wood to decrease the amount of electricity that is used. An advantage of having a fireplace is that you’ll have heat when the power goes out as long as it’s a wood fireplace, and you can cook using the heat as well.

There are a few tips for maintaining your wood fireplace to ensure that it will last as long as possible. A fireplace fender goes in front of the area where the wood and the flames are seen, keeping the embers from getting to the floor or to other items in the room. It can also be a deterrent for children who might want to explore the fireplace.

The fireplace shouldn’t be used for long periods of time. It does have fire as a way to warm the room. About five hours is the length of time that the fireplace should be used in one stretch. There should be someone in the room to watch the fire, especially if there are children in the home at the same time. If there is glass in front of the fireplace, keep it open a small ways to allow for the smoke to be drawn up through the chimney. It will help to keep the smoke out of the room, which will make it easier to breathe. You could even open a window in the room to prevent the smoke from filling the environment.

Always make sure the embers are completely out before leaving the home or going to bed. Ensure that the smoke will go up the chimney when you first light the fire. Before you light the first fire of the season, check the chimney from the top through the inside to make sure that there aren’t any nests or even any animals or debris inside that would prevent the smoke from traveling safely outside the home.