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July 9, 2021 | Comments Off on LAWN SEEDING SERVICE

Lawn Seeding Services for lawn seeding service in Galena & Sunbury, Ohio At Larry Dore And Associates, we offer a lawn seeding service in Galena and Sunbury that can restore the grass at your home or business to its original beauty. Whether you have lost turf density as a result of drought, disease, or some other environmental factor, our lawn seeding service is a worthwhile option to consider. We seed lawns with the finest Fescue seed available and seed in conjunction with our lawn aeration or lawn renovation service.

Larry Dore And Associates is a full-service lawn care company in Ohio that can skillfully address any problems you are currently having, be it a lawn full of weeds, grass that won’t grow, or trees and shrubs that have been damaged by insects. We offer a convenient, pay-as-you-go standard lawn care package as well as a variety of specialty services such as aeration, lawn seeding, fungicide treatment, lawn renovation, outdoor pest control, and kudzu control. Larry Dore And Associates has been caring for lawns since 1987 and continues to set a very high bar when it comes to both residential and commercial lawn care services.