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Keeping Your Deck or Patio Clean After a Storm

September 23, 2015 | Comments Off on Keeping Your Deck or Patio Clean After a Storm

Storm damage is a major problem for people in more ways than one. In addition to downed tree limbs and damaged siding or eaves, many people have decks or patios that are full of debris. While you want to get these areas as clean as possible, it’s important to avoid using cleansers or other items that may damage things further.

Who Should You Call?

A pressure washing company is usually your best solution. The top experts in this field use unique methods that provide a good clean, without causing further damage. Before you choose someone to do a power wash, make sure you find out more about the methods that they use.

Why Should You Avoid Traditional Power Washing?

Although effective, traditional power washing can cause unintended damage. Some traditional methods, if done incorrectly, are capable of causing gauges in deck material and concrete. You want to avoid these situations because the damage can be permanent.

Using a Safe Cleaning Method

One of the keys to safely cleaning a deck or patio is having the process start with a pre-soak material. This step uses a foam that gets embedded dirt out in a gentle way. The pressure wash phase follows next, effectively getting the dirt out. A protective coat helps seal out further dirt and grime.

How These Steps Help After a Storm

When a recent storm has involved flooding, it is likely that the flood waters contain bacteria. Pre-soak foam products for patio use help kill the bacteria, keeping your patio a healthy, safe place for gatherings. Because this method is gentle on plants, you don’t need to worry about damaging plants that are possibly already stressed from the weather. The protective coat will help avoid further damage.

When your patio or deck has some a lot of wear due to recent storms, a good cleanup is just what you need to get things back in order. You’ll enjoy having your favorite outdoor area looking just like new. Knowing that you will also be able to help prevent further damage is another good reason to consider these cleaning options.